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Homo Stats & Left Wing Danger

Update on AIDS Statistics
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We received from Frank Joseph, M.D., the following update of statistics on homosexuality he had sent us sometime ago. He forwarded to us this interesting article with some links worth reading at the bottom.


54% of U.S. HIV Infections Caused by Homosexual Activity among Men

Alex Bush

June 18, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The U.S. Center for Disease Control has issued a fact sheet which says that 54% of HIV infections among males, aged 13-29, were caused by homosexual contact in 2006. This is opposed to 34% of infections caused by heterosexual contact in the same demographic.

"From 2001 through 2006, male-to-male sex was the largest HIV transmission category in the United States and the only one associated with an increasing number of HIV/AIDS diagnoses," the fact sheet said.

The article further states that 77% of HIV positive homosexual men between the ages of 15 and 29 do not know that they are infected.

The demographic of young adult homosexual males between the ages of 13 and 29 is the only noticeably growing demographic in terms of HIV infection. The other age demographics seem reasonably stable in comparison says the CDC.

See the CDC Fact Sheet here

See related LifeSiteNews.com coverage:

HIV-positive Practicing Homosexual Men 9000% More Likely to Develop Anal Cancer

California Homosexual Organization Admits HIV/AIDS is "Gay Disease"

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Dangers of Left Wing Ideologies
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Dear TIA,

In the aftermath of Mr. Obama's election and the continued social democratisation of Europe, I believe it is opportune to restate that one cannot be a member of the One True Catholic and Apostolic Church and support any left wing ideology, be that Communism, Socialism or Social Democracy [In Europe Social Democratic parties are adherents of Socialism and count in the left wing of the political spectrum.]

Some conservative Catholics seem quite willing to accommodate Social Democracy but they are in error in doing so. The errors of Social Democracy are just as blatant and insidious as those of Communism.

Of course communists and socialists have already infiltrated the Catholic Church. We have witnessed this in the outrageous ideas of 'worker Priests' and in 'liberation theology'. We have seen how activists in Central and Latin America have fomented rebellion. They have encouraged employees to rebel against their employer, peasants against their landlords and generally caused disorder and chaos in societies where order had previously prevailed.

We must remind ourselves that Almighty God detests rebellion of any kind. The first sin was one of disobedience and mankind has been punished until the end of the world for this grievous fault. Recently a traditional nun from the Philippines said to me in another context 'obedience is everything' and of course she was so correct. All sin, all wickedness, all evil commences with an act of disobedience.

Our struggle in life is not with employers, or the rich and powerful or those in authority. Our struggle is within ourselves; the struggle between good and evil. The challenge for us is not a collective one but an individual one. Our challenge and our sole objective must be to save our soul and to do this, membership of the Holy Catholic Church is essential, as only there can we obtain sanctifying grace.

The errors of left wing and liberal thinking can be seen at many levels in our society. Social welfare encourages sloth and laziness and a lack of gratitude. At it's worst it encourages immorality and fornication. I recently learned of two fifteen year old schoolgirls who have become pregnant. The prize for them is the reward of two hundred Euro from the taxpayers. Where we used to punish such behavior we now reward it.

Left wing ideologies also promote contraception, abortion, feminism, the evils of which are all so apparent in our countries today. Left wing ideologies promote the ideas of personal rights rather than personal duties. They encourage rebellious attitudes among the population at large. They deny the absolute and God given rights of parents over children and thus we see a breakdown of discipline in the home and in our schools.

Left wing influence in the Church has also been destructive. Thus we see the criticism of the wonderful work of Catholic Missionaries down through the ages, the conversion of pagan lands and peoples such as the North and South American Indians. The moral retraining and disciplining of fallen women and recalcitrant children has also been criticized by these liberal and left wing luminaries and this has led to a loss of confidence on the part of many people in the religious orders of former years. It is truly a very sad situation.

I appeal to parents to be very vigilant in warning their children of the dangers of Social Democracy. Left wing ideology can be attractive to vulnerable, idealistic and naive children. This danger is magnified when these policies are promoted by a charismatic figure. While we must respect the office which Mr. Obama holds, we must also point out to our children the errors of many of his policies. Appeasement abroad and Socialism at home is not the solution required for the United States or indeed for the rest of the civilized western world.

I was encouraged to write these few lines by the photograph of the saintly Pontiff, Pope Pius XII who was a staunch defender of the Faith against Communism. In the late 1940s his intervention saved Italy from a communist takeover and I believe his actions also saved other countries in Western Europe.

There is no need to despair. We know the Immaculate Heart of Mary will eventually triumph but there is a need to redouble our efforts of prayer and penance to enable this to happen. Before this can happen in our wider community it must happen in our families. Parents please note. Good Catholic parents certainly will.

God Bless you all who read this humble contribution.

     Yours faithfully,

     C.M.P., Ireland.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 23, 2009

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