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Photos, Toys, Popes & Voodoo

Contrasting Photos
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Dear TIA,

May I make a suggestion? In your series on the "Revolution in Pictures" you featured a photograph of a group of nuns dancing in line. It was a quite revolting and indeed laughable image. Under the text however you had a beautiful photograph of three traditional nuns reading their meditations. This was a most edifying and uplifting image.

I would like to see this becoming a regular feature also which might include photographs of the "Sisters of old" and also photographs of traditional Sisters today. It could also include, of course, traditional Priests and Princes of the Church and photographs of Sodality groups.

Many young people today sadly, have never encountered these traditions. I think for young children who might be allowed, under supervision, to view your site or for parents of young children, it might be very helpful and hopefully inspiring.

Thank you for considering this proposal, and thank you for the hope and courage you give us on a daily basis.

     Yours sincerely,


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TIA responds:

Dear C.M.P.,

Thank you for your suggestion and kinds words.

We will try to put your suggestion into execution to the measure of our possibilities. We ask your prayers for that, since our team of work is quite small and has been overwhelmed with new tasks.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Toys for the Elderly
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The short commentary below was on the blog Patrick: Lagniappe

It seemed an appropriate follow-up to your commentary on the Era of the Child. Adults dress and play like children. Now we have dolls for the elderly that can be the children they didn't have to keep them company.  I wonder when the American toy market will jump in and market something for our elderly?

"In P.D. James's The Children of Men, there are special dolls for women whose maternal instinct has gone unfulfilled: pretend mothers take their artificial children for walks on the street or to the swings in the park. In Japan, that's no longer the stuff of dystopian fantasy. At the beginning of the century, the country's toymakers noticed they had a problem: toys are for children and Japan doesn't have many. What to do?

A Japanese doll for the elderly

A doll designed as a companion and toy for the elderly
"In 2005, Tomy began marketing a new doll called Yumel - a baby boy with a range of 1200 phrases designed to serve as a companion for the elderly. He says not just the usual things -"I wuv you" - but also asks the questions your grandchildren would ask, if you had any: "Why do elephants have long noses?" Yumel joins his friend the Snuggling Ifbot, a toy designed to have the conversation of a five-year-old child, which its makers, with the usual Japanese efficiency, have determined is just enough chit-chat to prevent the old folks from going senile.

"It seems an appropriate final comment on the social-democratic society where adults have been stripped of all responsibility, you need never stop playing with toys. We are the children we never had. - America Alone by Mark Steyn"

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Ignorant Popes?
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The popes since Paul VI have taken conservative stances on most everything. But then, at the same time, they contradict themselves with what seem to me to be ambiguous displays with somewhat odious implications. These latter ones, however seem to be done almost out of reluctance.

Is it possible that the modern popes could be under some sort of intimidation reminiscent of the Avignon period? Or are they just ignorant of Church history? Are people to believe that the Church has never seen penetration [of evil] to such an extent before in history?


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TIA responds:


We believe that since John XXIII, the cardinals who were elected Popes all belonged to the progressivist current - that is, Roncalli, Montini, Luciani, Wojtyla and Ratzinger. Each one had a progressivst past well-known to anyone who studies Progressivism. Accordingly, they follow its agenda in their actions.

We also believe that when there is a risk of losing control over public opinion in the Church, these progressivist Popes will make some 'conservative' initiatives for strategic reasons. An example of this is the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum allowing the Tridentine Mass to be said.

We do not think that they are ignorant of Church history or intimidated. They are just carrying out the old liberal, modernist and progressivist agenda that has been known for a long time.

It seems to us that today this current has achieved an influence never before seen in the history of the Church. Perhaps the only heresy of somewhat similar proportions was in the 4th century Arianism and its 'conservative' version, Semi-Arianism. Notwithstanding, that heresy was restricted to some points of theology and did not encompass every field of the Church doctrine, traditions and customs - as Progressivism does today. Also the Church of that time was incomparably smaller than she is today.

We hope this answer helps you in some way.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Pope's Companion at Assisi Advertises Voodoo
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We received a question from a reader in Brazil with links to English and Spanish sites showing how the voodoo 'priest' who went to Assisi on the invitation of John Paul II and was greeted by him uses that picture to advertise and promote his witchcraft.

On the English site, his propaganda is a little more 'academic,' as you may verify going to his site. In Spanish, however he offers more details about his 'gifts.' Here is our translation of the most expressive part of his advertisement:

"In the last 50 years of my life, I have studied all the occult arts and sciences: magic, umbanda, shamanism, Celtic magic, white and black magic, Egyptian magic, karma, aura, angelic powers. I took the best from all of them in order to help others. I became a specialist in love spells, specifically in rituals to re-attract loved ones who abandon us and that special person we dream about."

It seems to us quite significant that the Vicar of Christ would allow himself to be photographed with such a man, indirectly promoting the spread of voodoo we witness today.

We warn our readers to be very cautious when visiting the links indicated in the next mail. All the practices offered there are closely linked to Satanism.


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Two Names, One Man
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Hello TIA,

Do you know who this person beside the Pope on this page on your site is?

What is his real name? In Spanish he appears as Jose Lenor, and in English as Josue Lenoir. Please, check the page in English here and in Spanish here and advise.

     Thank you in advance.

     P.M.D., Brazil

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TIA responds:


We cannot help you very much. We are not certain about why he appears under two different names, but we can try to assist you.

It is very common in the United States for foreign people to change the spelling of their names to fit the normal pronunciation these foreign names have here. In the case of Mr. Josue Lenoir, which means simply Josue the Black in French - he is from Louisiana, where French names are not rare. The American pronunciation of that name is precisely Jose Lenor. Thus, it is possible that he 'americanized' his original name to advertise his occult practices in Spanish, so that if someone should refer to him, his American customers would recognize him.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 23, 2009

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