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Puritans, Pants & Racism

Pilgrims and Puritans
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Regarding this article that is different from anything I have ever studied on this subject. The topics being: the motivation and person of the PILGRIMS as differentiated from the Puritans.

Could Prof. Horvat please send me her specific definitions of and motivations historically reported of the PILGRIMS? The differentiation from the Puritans?

     Thank you,


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Dr. Horvat responds:


The Boston (Puritan) and Plymouth (Pilgrim) colonies were distinct political and religious entities although relations between them were generally friendly. They were sufficiently similar, however, for the English government to combine them in the late 1680's. And both shared in what we Americans know as the Puritan spirit - a rejection of the pomp and circumstance of Church ceremonies, an attitude that carried over into the temporal sphere.

For your perusal, I am offering you the following quotes from Tabletalk magazine, vol. 20, no. 11, November 1996:

"Puritans" wanted to remain as part of the English establishment, working for biblical reform from within. As deeply committed covenant theologians, they emphasized especially strongly the corporate righteousness of their entire community before God.

"Pilgrims" wanted to achieve "reformation without tarrying," even if it meant separating from their church and their nation. While they continued to think of themselves as English, their emphasis was on their new political identity and spiritual identity. Because of their passionate commitment to the necessity of reformation immediate and without compromise, they emphasized especially strongly individual righteousness before God.

What united Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth, what united both Puritans and Pilgrims was far more significant than what distinguished them. All children of the Reformation, they knew that salvation was by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. And they knew this because they took, as their authority, Scripture alone.

I hope this is of some help.


     Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

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Model for Dressing Well
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Dear TIA,

A big "thank you" for publishing that delightful photograph of the family in Ohio, 1961, dressed for an Easter party. It truly is a template for dressing children which all traditional, conservative Catholic Mothers could follow.

In those days, not yet a half century ago, no self-respecting Catholic girl or woman would appear in public with her head uncovered.

Dress is also directly related to manners. When we dress children well, they behave better. That is why schools generally insist on a uniform. The beauty of a girl or woman in a skirt or dress is self evident and such females are as graceful as those who wear trousers or slacks are graceless.

The need for a return to modesty was stressed by Our Lady of Fatima and how much worse have standards become, since she issued this warning. If we continue to ignore her, then I am certain we can be sure of a severe punishment which will be richly deserved.

     Yours faithfully,

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Pants and Femininity
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Dear TIA,

I wish to thank you for the enlightening words of Cardinal Siri who in 1960 warned of the damage caused to women, men and families by the wearing of trousers on women. I cannot understand the woman who refuses to acknowledge the differences in her psyche when she does wear pants. She can only be proud, and she is stubborn because of that pride.

It takes no scientific experiment to note that when a female wears pants, she walks, sits and acts far more aggressively and masculinely than she would or could in a dress. A whole different mindset comes into play, as if with the flip of a switch. A friend who began wearing skirts after a lifetime of wearing pants once confided to me, "I have found that when I wear a skirt, I'm nicer to my children." Suddenly, we become softer and more malleable to our duties for our state in life. We become feminine.

We possess an authority otherwise lost in the wearing of improper clothing. We receive an appreciation and respect from others otherwise lost, as well. Dressed properly, we automatically behave appropriately towards the members of both sexes, because we are thus equipped to do so. We are smarter, we look smarter, and we react far more intelligently in all situations.

Is there a picture more charming than a child clinging to its mother's pants? More charming than a girl twirling in her '.pants? Is it possible to accept a child in her First Communion.pants? All these scenarios are impossible; a child cannot cling to pants, anymore than a girl can twirl her pants. A most appealing image and a joy of life is lost.

Dresses are not just for special events. They are for every day. They are for life. An excellent rule for ladies of all ages is: If you cannot perform an activity in a dress, then you aren't meant by God to perform that activity.

Cardinal Siri was right, and still his words are right.

Thank you for the timely reproduction of his most serious warning, the proof of which we are living today. I pray that women who read this article will be encouraged to take the difficult route of change, for the sake of their own souls, their families, those they influence, and for the sake of the culture we all must abide in.

     In Maria,

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Praying for Priests
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Just a word of encouragement, and to say hello.

How are things going? I am praying for you and the apostolate.

I was praying for priests as I do on Thursdays, and I had the thought to pray for Mother Superiors and it seemed very pleasing to Our Lady & Our Lord to do this.

I was praying a novena from a Tan booklet, and it said at the end that it is no longer necessary to say 9 Hail Marys after a novena. I thought this was strange as Our Lady of Good Succsess said customs will be modified or modernized. It seems to me to be more necessary than ever to pray the 9 Hail Marys.

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Racial Intimidation
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Dear TIA,

We supposedly live in an "enlightened" era, in which one's ethinicity is never a basis for discrimination (that is, showing partiality or prejudice in treatment). However, the reality of our age is just the opposite of this desired condition.

Instead, we live in a time brimming with special interest groups often based on ethinicity, claiming that their distinction as a race entitles them to special treatment. Actually, to be more precise, it is their real or perceived mistreatment as a race in the past that is said to entitle them to such discrimination.

One example of such ethnic entitlements is people who identifiy themselves as African Americans and use the past evil of slavery as a discriminating factor to enable themselves to obtain special treatment in schools, at work and in the courtroom. Intimidation is used to ensure such special treatment in the form of cries of "racism".

Another example are those of Jewish ethinicity who use past mistreatment as justification for special ethnic status. For instance, one who merely claims that they doubt that as many as five and seven million Jews perished in Hitler's concentration camps during World War II are forbidden to voice their opinion. Such opinions are declared "racist" and intimidation goes beyond name-calling. Whole nations treat those with such opinions as pariahs and refuse them citizenship. The Catholic Church is told by Jewish leaders what they should and should not allow the faithful to think on the subject of the holocaust and the Jewish religion. In short, even Church doctrine is altered under such racial intimidation.

The point of this letter is not to proclaim my denial of the holocaust under Hitler's Third Reich. I believe enormous numbers of Jews were singled out because of their ethinicity and killed during this sad part of our history. The exact number is not particularly important to this writer. Nor am I writing to deny that slavery existed in the United States. The purpose of this letter is to show where true racism exists today and how it is used as a tool to silence free expression, alter Catholic dogma, and allow unwarranted and harmful special treatment.

Honestly ask yourselves: Who are the true racists?

     In Jesu et Maria,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 24, 2009

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