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Will the U.S. Become Communist?

A Communist to Govern the U.S.?
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Dear TIA,

I would like to warn TIA readers that some American candidates are presenting themselves as "social reformers," which may well be a euphemism for communists/socialists. If you turn your eyes to South America, you find a continent that is rapidly becoming red... Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, in Central America, Nicaragua, Cuba (see January 7, 2005 - Bird's Eye View of the News - Atila Sinke Guimaraes).

Sister Lucia of Fatima in 1946 said that the whole world would become communist:

"While he was the pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Church in Ludlow, Massachusetts, I spent some time with Fr. Manuel Rocha, the interpreter selected for Mr. William Thomas Walsh, who wrote perhaps the most popular book on Fatima. Fr. Rocha told me that one of the questions Mr. Walsh asked him to translate to Sister Lucia during a three hour interview on the afternoon of July 15, 1946, while she was still Sister Maria das Dores, a Dorothean Sister at Vilar near Porto, Portugal, was In your opinion, will every country, without exception, be overcome by communism? Her pale brown eyes staring into his, a little dimple on each cheek, she answered, Yes.

"Fr. Rocha related to me that Mr. Walsh wanted to be positive about the answer and therefore repeated the question adding, And does that mean the United States of America too? Sister Lucia answered, Yes. [bolds from the original]

Unbelievable in 1946, not so far fetched today is it?

Today the presidents of 9 South America countries are Communist, we should be very careful about whom to choose for the next president and vice president of the USA.

There, is a twist that my parents (staunch anti-communists who lost everything that they owned to Fidel Castro), would have never suspected the people would vote them into office! If we choose the wrong person, the world will become communist without a shot being fired. A well deserved punishment from God.

     P.M.V. Cuban Refugee
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Which Sister Lucy Will Be Canonized?
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Dear TIA,

I just came across your article on the 2 Sr. Lucys. Take it from an old teacher and nurse, these pictures do not lie! I cannot get over the notion that John Paul II, who seemed pretty sharp and on the ball, would not notice the differences in appearance and mannerisms.

I am wondering how long it will take the rest of the world to figure it out - DNA testing maybe? And I find it amusing that the TV networks have not blasted the church on these pictures. So, which Sr. Lucy is the Vatican going to canonize? I am a practicing Catholic and I take my faith seriously. I have been praying to Sr. Lucy for a favor.

May God continue to bless what you do. You are in my prayers.


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Photos of Francisco and Jacinta
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Dr. Horvat,

Would it be possible to do a series of age progression photos of Sister Lucy beginning with the early photo of Sr. Lucy taken with her cousins Francisco and Jacinta at the time of the apparitions?

I wonder if these photos would be consistent with the later actual photos of Sr. Lucy as a Dorothean Sister, and, if so, then how might they begin to contrast with photos of what may be the Sister Lucy 2.


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Dr. Horvat responds:


Yes, in principle it would be possible, but I don’t have the photos. If you or someone else would provide appropriate photos of the two children to me, I would be pleased to consider in what degree it is possible to make a fruitful comparative analysis.


     M.T. Horvat

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Archbishop Marini Not Responsible
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I'd like to point out to you that only in 1987 did Archbishop Marini become Master of Ceremonies for Pope Jean Paul II. He could not be responsible for those ceremonies which pictures you are trying to blame on Mons. Marini.

If the Pope decided if was okay to shake hand with some people, I only see in him Christ being compassionate and opening His arms to all His creatures.

Learn from Christ our Lord and stop spreading hatred.

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Thesis on Our Lady of Good Success
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Dear Dr. Horvat,

I am currently a senior at Christendom College (Front Royal, VA). I am in the process of writing my thesis for my history major and my topic is the Catholic history of Ecuador and the role of Our Lady of Good Success in that history. I was wondering if you could help me find some sources for the Catholic history of Ecuador, Garcia Moreno, and Our Lady of Good Success.

I have bought recently your two books on Our Lady and I was blessed to be able to spend a week in Quito right before Our Lady of Good Success went back into the convent. It was awesome.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

     Sincerely in Christ,


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Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear Mr. H.M.K.,

I would be very glad to be of assistance to you. I would need to know if you can read works in Spanish, because most of the source materials I know are in this language. Please contact me and I will try to help you with your bibligoraphy.


    M.T. Horvat

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An Oscar for Wojtyla
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Good Evening,

I just read the article on your website An Egotist Papal Star. I think this reporter is 100 percent correct in showing that the last Pope was using his office to advance his acting career. He did pursue a career in the theater before being ordained, and then the world became his stage.

Is it not strange that the two most powerful men in the 1980s were both actors, the Pope and Ronald Reagan?

     Keep up the excellent work.

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Resistite Fortes in Fide
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I am presently reading In the Murky Waters of Vatican II and I would like to contact Mr. Guimaraes to see where I can obtain an English translation of the document he quotes: Resistite fortes in fide of June 29, 1972, of Paul VI.

I have searched everywhere on the net and while I find quotes from it, I cannot locate the document itself.

     Thank you.


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The Editor responds:

Mr. S.Y.,

I dont have an English translation of Resistite fortes in fide, which was the homily of Paul VI in his Mass of June 29, 1972, Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul. In my references to it, I use the Italian text as reported in both Insegnamenti di Paolo VI - 1972, vol. X, pp 703-709, and LOsservatore Romano, July 1, 1972.

For your information, these two Vatican sources, instead of giving the full text of the document, published it as a report. The main parts of the document are textually transcribed as they were spoken by the Pope, but it is presented as a full report, not a full transcription.

If you are interested in having a xerox of the Italian text, please contact me to let me know and I will arrange it for you.


     A.S. Guimaraes
Posted May 9, 2008

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