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Movie Reviews, Crisis in the Church

The Matrix Review
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I don't understand why you have movie reviews, given that most modern films would have been classified as pornography just a few short years ago. Having said that, I read your lengthy review of The Matrix and am a loss as to why your writer didn't just simply say "Shun it like the very plague!" since watching such films will destroy your soul, if not your sanity.

Finally, why do you use neologisms like "progressivism" with regard to Vatican II and its adherents when the proper terms are "heresy, schism, and apostasy?"


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Homosexuality Is Not Wrong...
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I read your review of The Hours and I am very appreciative of its frankness, but I wonder if you are among the few in the Catholic Church who view homosexuality as wrong, and view protecting children from indecency as necessary.

I am disgusted by the media info circulating, and I hope that we will one day be able to be a part of a religion which, as a whole worldwide group, will stand against the badness and moral depravity of this world, especially among its leadership, for this is whom my comments are directed to.

Not faithful ones who want to do what's right. But in regard to the Pharisees, Jesus said they were blind guides and those following them would fall into a pit. So I fear for the unfortunate ones who continue to follow those who break God's laws.

But I thank you for sounding a warning of what is indecent and I will continue to read your reviews.

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Greeting Priests
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Dear TIA,

I befriended a visiting Catholic Priest some while back and now that he has left the country, we are corresponding by e-mail and by letter.

It is not a "formal" association - we correspond more like friends, but I never know the correct way of "signing off" my letters. I've been writing "sincerely" followed by my name, but am sure there must be other, more correct ways of ending a letter.

Please could you offer a few options?

Also, is it only correct for a Priest to sign off "Yours in Christ"?

     Many thanks!


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TIA responds:

Dear M.M.,

You may sign off with a formula like these:

"Asking for your blessing, I remain yours..."
"I ask the privilege of your prayers for me..."
"Please do not forget me in the intentions of your Masses..."
"The faithful servant of Your Reverence..."

It is quite correct for a priest or layman to sign "Yours in Christ."


     TIA correspondence desk

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Taking Leave of a Bishop
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Dear TIA,

I know the proper way to greet a Bishop is to kneel on one knee and kiss his ring. But what is the proper treatment on leaving the presence of a Bishop? Do you again kneel and kiss his ring?

Thank you for your help.

     In Christo et Maria Immaculata,


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TIA responds:

Dear R.L.,

Depending on the circumstances, in a crowded room for instance, you may just bow respectfully and leave. It is appropriate to kneel and ask for a last blessing before he leaves your house, when the room is not crowded.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Combating Videos
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Dear TIA,

Thank you for the truly Catholic, thought-provoking information on your website. Many of my friends and I here at Saint Benedict Center (Richmond) love your writing. We encourage you to keep up the good work, and pray for your intentions.

I will send a donation when possible!

Do you know of any other sources for information combating videos?


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TIA responds:

Dear D.B.,

Thank you for your words of praise.

Unfortunately, we do not know a specific place that we could recommend to you on this topic.


     TIA correspondence desk

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I Have Suffered a Great Deal
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Dear Tradition in Action,

This is the most beautiful website I have seen. I have suffered a great deal in this apocalyptic world, the worst of all is the New World Religion, also the New World Order called Globalization.

What can we do at this stage?

Have you heard of Father Gruner? He is a good priest working a lot for the cause of the traditional church.


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TIA responds:

Dear E.J.,

Thank you for your kind words. It is our opinion that we should fight for the restoration of Holy Mother Church doing whatever we can, and praying for the victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary as predicted in Fatima.

Yes, we know Fr. Gruner well: a valorous crusader.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Digging Deeper before Pius XII
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Dear TIA,

You are doing a tremendous job at pointing to the facts left by the progressivist Church. Thank you for your help.

I am seeing why the religious life disintegrated in most communities, including the strictest.

I see also that Religious Life and the ancient order of consecrated virgins that I have been seeking for many years could not help but be touched by Vatican II, and even as far back as Pius XII with his continuous promptings to modernize Religious Life.

If I dig deeper, I will not be surprised to find that even before Pius XII we have been misled by those persons in authority who have been entrusted with a sacred duty to protect and propagate the truth, the Faith, and all that is holy.

Thanks again for your website and all the information you are disseminating to those of us who are earnestly seeking to get to Heaven, one day at a time.

Please keep pointing the way.

     From a grateful heart, in Mary our Mother and Jesus,

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Futile Ecumenism in India
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You may be aware that at 'Catholic' sponsored ecumenical meetings - as at Assisi - a familiar sight are the Parsi (Zoroastrian) priests and their fire worship. I'd like to inform you that these Parsees do not allow non-Parsees to enter their temples.

In the city of Bombay, India one comes across Parsi temples which are called agiaries. All of them have signboards forbidding entry to non-Parsees. Yet, the Parsees attend ecumenical meetings! And no comments from the Catholic Archdiocese of Bombay.

With best wishes I remain,

     Yours faithfully,

     N.C., India
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Mohammedans, not Muslims
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Since: Islam means "submission to the will of God" and Muslim means "one who submits to the will of God," wouldn't it be more accurate to say that trad RCs [Roman Catholics] are Muslims who practice Islam?

Then, the following would be true:

The others are more accurately referred to as Mohammedans who practice Mohammedism. If trad RCs started referring to these people more accurately, it would be helpful to all of us.

I travel a lot and often ride in cabs, telling those drivers who say they are Muslim that they are "followers of Mohammed and thus Mohammedans," as we are "followers of Christ" and thus "Christians."

I see many of your articles use the words Islam and Muslim thus "erroneously."

This is a work e-mail, and no response is necessary.

     Many thanks, yours,

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Read in High Places
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Dear TIA,

It appears that your work is not only being read in high places, but worrisome indeed to those highly appointed heretics. Two most critical elements of their false teachings have been handily uncovered in work published by TIA.

I believe this has been partly responsible for sparking the recent barrage of attempts to publicly defend these bare-naked errors. Below are merely two of the principle progressivist topics exposed by TIA. Following are recent examples of the attempted progressivist refutations, all published within the last months, by the Vatican Information Service.


TIA exposé: "Ecumenism is Synonymous with Religious Indifferentism",
"Catholics Must Have No Relations With Heretics",
"One Should Speak Freely Against Heretics and Schismatics",
"The Popes Must Be Militant Guardians of the Flock" (Forgotten Truths).

Papal responses: "The ecumenical option is irreversible," said Pope Benedict, "and inter-religious understanding cannot be postponed."

"If inter-religious dialogue today, and especially after Vatican Council II, has become a shared and indispensable patrimony of Christianity, [St.] Francis can help us to discover true dialogue without lapsing into a position of indifference towards the truth or lessening our Christian announcement."

"What must be rejected a priori is any form of religious indifferentism, which has no connection with authentic inter-religious dialogue."

"Only responsible and sincere dialogue, supported by the generous support of the international community, can put an end to so much pain [in the Middle East] and restore life and dignity to individuals, institutions and peoples."


TIA exposé: "The Symbol of the Sword in Today's Defense of the Church",
"A Religious Order Can Wage War",
"God Chastises the Good, When They Do Not Fight Against Evil",
War, Just War,
"Just War Supported By Scriptures" and
"Christ Did Not Bring Peace, But the Sword."

Papal responses: "The Pope and His [schismatic] Beatitude Chrysostomos II, signed a Joint declaration in the presence of the Catholic and Cypriot Orthodox delegations: "making a call for all those who raise their hands 'against their brothers' to lay down their arms."

"THE HUMAN FAMILY, COMMUNITY OF PEACE," is the theme of the Pope's Message for the 41st World Day of Peace, due to be celebrated on January 1, 2008. A communique made public today affirms that the theme chosen by Benedict XVI "is based on his conviction that the perception of a common destiny and the experience of communion are essential factors in the realization of the common good."

"The spirit of Assisi continues to spread out around the world, is opposed to the spirit of violence and to the abuse of religion as a pretext for violence. Assisi tells us that faithfulness to one's own religious convictions, faithfulness above all to the crucified and risen Christ, is not expressed in violence and intolerance but in sincere respect for others, in dialogue, and in an announcement that appeals to freedom and reason while remaining committed to peace and reconciliation.

"I consider it my duty," said the Pope, "to launch from here an urgent and heartfelt appeal for all the armed conflicts bloodying the earth to cease, for arms to fall silent and everywhere for hatred to give way to love, offense to forgiveness and discord to union.

Perhaps the side-by-side contrasts will help dispel the illusions of those unwitting collaborators with darkness. To the progressivists, the errors have been well clarified, yet these perpetrators do not repent. Rather, they have drawn the battle lines. So much for their false worldly peace.

We, the Church Militant must keep on the pressure! Almighty God willing, this can expose the enemy to anyone who sees with eyes of faith, or wishes to.

     Tolle causam!

     Dr. Pamela Dettman

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 9, 2007

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