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The Shell Game of Distributists

Dishonest Tactics
People Commmenting
Dear TIA,

I read, with great satisfaction, Mr. Odou's latest column [The Shell Game of Distributists] concerning the dishonest tactics of certain followers of Distributism. Their reaction to the truth of Mr. Odou's articles is a reaction of a small pouting child with a wounded ego.

I agree with Mr. Odou's analysis of bad Capitalism being the result of greed. Any legitimate form of economy or governance is open to the results of original sin. Even the Papacy has been shown to be vulnerable to man's vices. The Distributist looks at Capitalism as a round wheel with broken and weak spokes, and decide that a square wheel would be better.

I also look forward, with great enthusiasm, to TIA's upcoming series on how to build a Catholic Society.

     In Jesus and Mary,

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Characters Behind the Program
People Commmenting
Mr. Odou,

Thank you for your latest installment in what I've come to think of as your Distributism Discovered? series. I've read your previous articles on Distributism; I've also been keeping tabs on this same topic for several years, and have had not a few discussions with a number of Distributist true believers.

My own view is that there is more going on here than a mere economic discussion - that Distributism has become a flagship issue for a host of other matters (e.g. revolutionary politics) that are not for the weal of traditional Catholic faithful. There are also some interesting (at least) characters involved who are behind the program, which, in spite of its awkwardness, is not as disorganized as first appearances might suggest.

By all means, continue to carry on an intelligent discussion about Catholic economics as such! Also, know thine enemy.

If you can spare a moment, I'd be glad for a chance to discuss this with you further. Until then, I'll look forward to your next article.

     Blessed Christmas,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 30, 2006

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