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The Dark Portrayal of The Nativity Story

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I too, had the unfortunate experience of seeing The Nativity Story.

Our Lady, the Saints, and the Angels were so dishonestly and darkly portrayed that it caused me temporary loss of my Advent Season joy. The Three Wise men were made to look like the Three Stooges, and all other aspects of the miraculous circumstances contributing to the birth of Our Lord were so denigrated as to make the true Nativity story unrecognizable.

I went home and put on all my Christmas carols and sang as loud as I could to blot the memory of that blasphemous debacle. I thank God for my CATHOLIC faith and have renewed my happy and hopeful anticipation of Our Savior's birth and all the glory and wondrous joy that surrounds it.

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Thanks for the Correct Version
People Commmenting
Dear TIA,

Thank you very much for publishing your review on The Nativity Story. I have read it and am very consoled by everything that you wrote, the correct version of the life of Our Blessed Mother and the Nativity.

Your site should reach many people and would help many Catholics understand our True Faith more deeply.

May God bless you all for your wonderful works. Where can we turn if not to Traditionalists like you who keep the Faith?

Have a very Blessed Christmas and may Our Lord, the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph protect and bless your work.

     With you in Christ in this joyous season.

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Boycott The Nativity Story
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Dr. Horvat,

I appreciated your review on The Nativity Story very much. It is the best one I have read, and I am sending it to everyone I can. I hope Catholics will realize how bad this movie is and boycott it.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 23, 2006

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