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Appreciation for Dr. Horvat's Articles

People Commmenting
Dear Dr. Horvat,

Though you could not know it to be so, Ma'am, I owe you, and hereby offer you, humbly, my apologies. I am a convert from a protestant faith, trained in the post Vatican II fashion.

There were some others in my life whom were reading some of your materials near the time of my conversion. I discouraged them, at least in some sense, without ever really taking the time to carefully digest those materials myself.

Now, of course, Ma'am, it would seem I have a bit of egg on my face as I am avidly reading, and recommending, your writings. Of course, with my (hopefully) becoming a little more properly Catholic each day, I know a little of the value of confession now that I hadn't known before.

So, if you will be so gracious as to accept Ma'am, I hereby tender my deepest apology for possibly discouraging others from reading your material, and, by way of making reparations, will make a diligent effort to interest others in your writing.


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Better to Light a Small Candle
People Commmenting
Dear Dr. Horvat,

I've been trying to read all the exerpts from the Manual of Civility and, although at first, it seemed inflexible (nearly rigid) in its standards. I think it is because the good customs of times gone by used to be second nature; a behavior, once learned, given no more thought than knowing how to ride a bicycle.

What, in our times and culture, could precipitate a return to civility (which is finally all actions to the common good) is quite beyond knowing.

But, better to light a small candle than curse the darkness...

     Thanks for not letting that light go out.

     M. K.
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Thanks for the Cultural Articles
People Commmenting

I want to thank Dr. Horvat for her various writings. They have had a major impact upon my faith and morals.

Your article on how men dress, or do not, for Mass, has inspired me to start wearing for Mass the suits that normally just hang in the closet.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 23, 2006

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