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Chapters on Order in
A Manual of Civility Hit the Mark

Messy Home-Schooling
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Hello Marian,

I perused through your website today to see if I might find anything that interests me, and I found a new article about a topic which I have thought much about since I became a traditional Catholic. I have met a variety of people in different societies that claim to be traditional Catholic in this post-Vatican II mess.

Disorder is so common in homes today among those who home-school, and if the parents follow the simple rules you mentioned, which aren't too hard, compared to say the military regime of being up at 5 a.m. etc, then homes would look more like a home, and not a disaster.

You wrote it in a kind way, but to me at least it seems something that complements a soul is order, and messiness reminds me of a carefree college student, like a hippy. It is true that when one has a maid it is easier, but even without maids it is possible, and may I say desirable. Otherwise who would want to be home in such a depressing messy environment?

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Vital Effort
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Dear Dr. Horvat,

My daughters and I have enjoyed all your teaching/discussions about manners and customs and, I should add, we lament with you the demise of our Catholic culture.

Currently I am enjoying your latest additions [about order] to this topic on TIA. Thank you for persisting in this effort. It is vital.

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Never Too Late...
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Dr. Horvat,

Your articles on civility have been real eye-openers to me.

If you have a minute, let me explain. I'm afraid I'm one of those haphazard home schooling moms you mention in the last article at the end. I call it creative, my husband calls it disorder. I can't tell you how many discussions/arguments we have had; lately it was mostly arguments.

I couldn't understand why he doesn't understand my free spirit (vs. his stuffy family ways - everything always clean and in order). It seemed to me he just didn't appreciate the fact I make bread twice a week, do photography and make photo scrapbooks for all the relatives, take the children on nature hikes, and so many other things. He didn't care about any of that - all he wanted was for me to clean the house and keep the table cleared off (and I admit, it is usually filled with class work and projects - after all, I 'm a busy homeschooling mom).

At first, I was a little irritated at the articles on your site about order, and I was making fun of them to some of my friends. Now I am realizing that maybe my husband has some good points. Well, anyway, the table is going to be cleared and we are going to start to try to follow a better schedule, even if the bread doesn't get made.

Thought I'd share this with you. I'll let you know how things go. It is a big change for me and hard to realize my way of being brought up wasn't maybe the best. O well, never too late to change, with the help of God.

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Outer Order & Inner Order
People Commmenting

Your article about The Importance of Order in the Professional Life and other similar articles in that series has been a literal spelling out of the meaning of order. Outer order and inner order are closely connected. There are always layers...spiritual and practical.

I just wanted you to know the series is having some practical effects. Today I am going to put better order in my car.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 19, 2006

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