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Clearing Up Confusion

People Commmenting
Dear Dr. Horvat and Mr. Guimaraes,

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your great articles, as well as your books and tapes. Nobody has cleared up the confusion I had about the errors in the Church as much as you have.

Thanks and God bless,

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Slideshow on Good Sisters
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Dear TIA,

Thank you for your posting regarding the slideshow of those holy nuns. Those nuns naturally evoke a sense of dignity and respect, and compel others to carry themselves in the same manner. Noteworthy in my view was that the sisters always maintained their dignity, even when playing with the children. They were still nuns; they had not become 'friends' with the children.

The dancing nuns of Loyola, however, evoke a sense of mediocrity and distrust. They truly represent the Modernistic Church and its 'evolving' sensibilities. Today those 'nuns' maybe for Jesus, maybe tomorrow for Buddha, and they would truly believe that this is in line with Catholic teaching. At best they are embarrassing.

And which set of nuns are more likely to convert souls? The good sisters by their presence can compel a soul to examine its conscience, the Loyola set just compels a soul to 'have a good time'.

     Yours truly,

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A Spring in the Desert
People Commmenting
Dear TIA,

Thank you for the revealing articles, clear logic and inspiring saint stories. I read your site every day and it is like a spring of cool water in the desert.

Do you have any articles about Eucharistic Miracles or incorruptible saints? I always enjoy things like that. Thank you again for all your efforts.


     D. S.
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Regarding Schutz' 'Conversion'
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I quote from your recent article Brother Schutz Did Not Convert from Protestantism:

"I feel sorry for those traditionalists who try to mesh the present day Vatican policy with the doctrines of the Catholic Church, because they do not fit together."

That is so true. Those who attempt to reconcile the two always end it error. The truly Catholic tendency of wanting to adhere to what Rome teaches is, unfortunately, destructive in today's crisis. It is sad to say, but completely true: "Rome has lost the faith..."


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 22, 2006

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