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About the Latest 'Revelation' on Fatima

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Dear Mr. Guimaraes,

In reference to your posted article on Sister Lucy and the Jews, I wish to offer the following for your consideration.

The following story so bizarre that I had to send it out immediately! For years now, I have been posting in various forums on the Internet a fact which had apparently eluded the notice of many Catholic writers, historians and researchers - namely, that the message of Fatima contained not ONE word in reference to any Jewish holocaust.

Quite recently I sent out a message to various groups on the Internet repeating this fact for all to consider.

Recently, a good friend and fellow Catholic telephoned me, and during the course of our conversation, I again raised the subject concerning Fatima and the glaring omissions in respect to the Jews and the holocaust. I remarked words to the effect,

"Now that Sister Lucy is dead and buried, we will probably witness an attempt by the infiltrators to produce a bogus, 'secret' document supposedly penned by Lucy before her death wherein she now affirms that 'Our Lady' warned of the upcoming 'holocaust'....."

My friend commented in jest, "Yes, we will probably see it rehashed as the THIRD secret of Fatima!

I replied, "God forbid that this should ever happen!"

Although we both laughed over the idea, I commented, 'Let's not ever mention this again, lest it should come to pass.'

Now, Lo and Behold! I received your article via email. A coincidence? You be the judge:

Important information about a new book being published that states that Sr Lucy says that Our Lady of Fatima told her, "Salvation comes from the Jews."

What? Salvation did not come from Her Son?

This story certainly casts a suspicious shadow upon the bizarre set of circumstances which may have been involved in the decision-making process to present Catholics with a 'new book' allegedly authored by "Sister Lucy" which now contains an altogether 'novel' and 'rehashed' holocaust-ian interpretation of the 'miracle of Fatima' for popular consumption' by the deluded masses- a 'miracle' based upon deliberate deception and outright fraud.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 18, 2006

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