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Praise and Hate

A Position of No Compromises
People Commmenting
Dear TIA,

First of all, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful Catholic website you are maintaining.

With the Modernism in our present Church, many of the faithful are like lost sheep trying to find answers to their spiritual questions. Reading articles from your website really help me understand the truth and appreciate the people in the ranks defending the true Catholic teaching, there should be no compromises.

Thank you again.

     Sincerely yours,

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I Hate You Out of Love!
People Commmenting

Pope John Paul II was an amazing man, he was a Pope for everyone... he reached out to many not just Catholics and that is why he was such a great person. Was he God? No, of course not, he was just a man, a mere human and as we all know humans make mistakes but he was indeed a good person who gave his life up to the Lord and no doubt is now rejoicing in Heaven, Amen!!

Just because you don't want to be with the Roman Catholic church and you want to be your little Cult you feel the need to bring True Catholics down... Why? If you were truly happy with your lives and satisfied with your faith life you would not feel the need to look for ways to make the Pope or any other Roman Catholic look poorly.

I am so satisfied with being a Catholic and being a part of the Catholic faith, I am excited that my children can go to a small Catholic school at my parish and learn about what it means to be a Catholic.

I am excited to know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior and I'm excited that my children have that same opportunity!!

God does not have to see me in a mantilla at Mass to know where my heart is.... I can wear beautiful dressy pants to the Mass and know that God is not looking at that but looking into my heart and soul... you're so caught up the "little things" that you are totally ignoring the "big things"

That is why I could care less if the SSPX ever is in unity with Rome.... lets face it... you don't want to be in unity with Rome.... you like your little Cult...... and in your hearts you have no desire to be in Unity with Rome... [For TIA's relations with SSPX click here] So just admit that and lead your lives as you feel God is calling you and let us lead our lives as God is calling us.

Why not focus on the real issues such as Abortion... gay marriage... sex before marriage... reaching out to the hungry, the poor, the homeless... the mentally ill... those who have nothing... there are so many people who need help but your total focus is on "Look at us... Look at us... we are right and the rest are wrong." That is being of yourselves and not of God...

So the Pope danced with teens, we don't have a problem with that... he reached out to them on Their level and I don't know how much dancing he did... he was frail, ya know, goodness.

Naked natives appeared in front of him... hum... they were native and that was their culture... what do you expect???????

Every single picture you have also has an explanation with them but of course you make it up and twist it into something dirty... that sound like the work of Satan, how awful... how can you sleep at night knowing you are making false accusations? Instead of finding out the truth you make it up so that you gain followers?? That is not from God... that is from Satan, Satan tells us the lies in hopes we will turn to his way and that is what you are doing... how sad and shameful.

If you were truly of God you would destroy this website or simply admit... we don't like the Pope so we are going to do anything to destroy his memory... do you think people don't see through this website? I find it an abortion... I liken it to visiting a website promoting the White race, you know the ones who still say Hail Hitler? [sic] That is exactly what your website is...

You are Not Catholics you are Satanic and I plan to spread the word to everyone I can from high and low that this is a extremely dangerous and hate filled website, not of God, Because God is Love not Hate.

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Great Piece on Catholic Morals
People Commmenting
Dear TIA,

I like everything you write, but just wanted to compliment Atila on his recent piece on Catholic Morals [There are exaggerations in your Pictures of the Week] Wow! That is a real masterpiece. That should stop the liberals in their tracks, if they would read it, that is.

Keep up the good work.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 22, 2006

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