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Our Lady of Confidence
People Commmenting
Tradition in Action,

I was delighted when I saw your website, not only that it was very Catholic indeed, but that the patroness of my seminary, La Fiducia, was so prominently displayed and described so well [click here].

May she watch over your work!

Rev. C.S., STL

Mater mea, fiducia mea!

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What a Church We Used To Have!
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Dear TIA,

I just read the words of St. Pius V on the homosexual priests being put to death.

What a Church we used to have!

God Bless,

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Pedophilia in the Clergy
People Commmenting
Dear Tradition in Action,

I have been perusing the information on your website that only seems to confirm my own thoughts on Our Holy Mother Church.

I see so much lack of Catholic teaching in our schools as well as the pulpit by our Priests. I have heard sooo many times by 'catholics' that their priest in the confession says 'it's ok to have a relationship (sex) with so-and-so as long as there is mutual love and no one seems to be getting hurt'... 'yoga and other forms of meditation are helpful and not to be sooo critical'... 'all religions have God and God loves everybody'... 'everyone should come up to the altar and receive - God wants ALL to partake of His Body and Blood'... etc...

I have spoken to these priests time and time again over the years...I have been told that 'you're fanatical'...'God doesn't want you to be so scrupulous'... 'be easy on us priests, you have to be more tolerant and forgiving'... etc...

Where are the Louis de Montforts and Teresa of Avilas of our Church? I feel so frustrated and beaten down by all that God allowed me to witness from New Age at retreats and Catholic libraries and bookstores, and with having nuns look more like men with suits. I saw one holding up the Chalice next to the Priest and praying to 'Mother God' at a major Church during Sunday Mass in St. Francis Xavier (NYC) about 10 yrs. Ago; at Mt. Manresa Jesuit Retreat House on Staten Island there was homosexual and New Age material all over. During Lent of this year a Paulist priest visiting from NYC on mission to PA was advertising Yoga etc. (I noted that your website is aware of these Paulist priests - see A Paulist Priest Teaches Yoga in New York City).

All I can do is pray, pray and pray. I've been persecuted by so many as a result of my defense to Our Mother Church.

Please, let's pray for each other. I thank you for your good work and prayers!

     In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

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Hispanic Catholics Reject Ecumenism
People Commmenting
Dear ones,

After reading the recent Bird's New View of the News and the commentary on the Hispanic Catholics rejecting ecumenism with the Protestants, all I can say is Praise the Lord for these dear souls. They put American Catholics to shame.

I have noticed that California seems to have more traditional Mass sites than most any place else.

I loved this article. My heart goes out to them.

In God we trust, our King and our Victor.

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The Pope & the Dancers
People Commmenting

I just happened upon your site, somehow. And find myself disgusted.

Pope John Paul II watching dancers,

[E.g. Hula Dancers for the Pope
Synchronized Dancing at Olympic Stadium
Breakdancing at the Vatican
Women in leotards dance for Pope]

What ever happened to politeness while someone from another culture shared their joy with you/Him.

I mean really, there's enough evil out there, without worrying about what the Pope is looking at. By the way, what's on your mind...?

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Thanks for Uplifting Articles
People Commmenting

Your research and resulting articles on Our Lady of Good Success and the Blessed Mother's intercession in the Battle of Lepanto are some of the most hopeful and beautiful stories around.

These articles are helping to keep Traditional Catholics from falling into despair.

Thank you!

     In Jesus, Mary & Joseph,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 30, 2006

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