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JPII & Women on the Altar
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Dear Tradition in Action,

The practice of John Paul II promoting women on the Altar continued even in death, with the scandalous choice of a woman as one of the readers at his funeral. Her hair reminded me of Bathsheba or Delilah.

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Eric Gill Exposure
People Commmenting
TIA and Mr. Odou:

Thank you for the articles on Eric Gill, 'Eric Gill the Pedophile Founder of Distributism' and 'Other Moral Pearls of Eric Gill."

I had not heard of this man before (he is never mentioned by pro-Distributism people). I am truly repulsed by him. Ugh!

     Keep up the good work.

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Pictures of John Paul II
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I accidentally ran across your website while looking for a prayer to Our Lady Queen of the Angels.

What I thought was a legitimate Roman Catholic website working for the greater glory of God was instead something which I am sure was designed by the father of lies himself.

You have played right into Satan's hands with this scandalous, blasphemous and totally disrespectful garbage. I was most offended by the pictures of Pope John II and the sexual insinuations you made against a truly holy man. Only filthy evil minds could stoop so low. Instead of working to strengthen the Church you work to destroy it and you are taking souls down with you.

     Many God have mercy on your perditious souls!!

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Questions for Avery Cardinal Dulles
People Commmenting

I refer to your two questions for Cardinal Dulles: 1. Is the Catholic Church the Church of Christ? and 2. Is the Catholic Church the only way to salvation?. You rightly question whether he denies or abjures his progressivist past.

I have just finished Christ Denied by Rev. Paul A. Wickens, 1982, Tan Books. On page 6, para. 2, in reference to L. de Granmaison, S. J., is the following: "One might call him the proto-type of the contemporary liberal (e.g. Karl Rahner, Hans Kung, AVERY DULLES, Fr. Richard McBrien) who claims to be Catholic while side-stepping belief in whole areas of fundamental doctrine."

Many of those "contemporary" liberals are still with us today.

I am sure you are aware of this, but I send it to you because I believe that your suspicion of leopards changing their spots is truly a valid one.

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Forgotten Truths
People Commmenting

I was looking for some quotes to justify what seems to me good sense - you can judge a person by the way he looks. It was a real find to see your postings by the great Cornelius a Lapide on the topic.

Now I can argue there are four ways to discern a man's soul by his appearance, words straight from his writing [click here]. And he gives some quotes by St. Ambrose, St. Augustine and others that I had never seen before.

Thanks for posting this. It is excellent material. In fact, the whole section is a great one.

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Mother Teresa
People Commmenting

It was wrong of you to make those harsh judgments about Mother Teresa [click here and here]. Who are you to do this?

What does it matter if she prayed with people of other religions. Our Holy Father also did this, so how can she be wrong? Look how many people she helped, that is what is important.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 25, 2006

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