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A Reader Recommends I Am David

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Tradition In Action,

I really appreciate your website with all the edifying Catholic material. I read the movie reviews [click here] and I can't say I disagree with any.

Perhaps you could review the film I am David. I rented the DVD the other night and it's one I feel can be highly recommended.

A boy behind barbed wire

I Am David, a boy escaping from Communism
It's the story of a 12-year-old who manages, with help from friends to escape from a Communist prison camp in Bulgaria, 1952. He receives help from St. Elizabeth as he slowly works his way to Denmark. The ending has a big surprise.

The film also features Jim Caviezel as the friend who gives his life for David and the same actor who played Pontius Pilate in The Passion of the Christ plays the camp heavy (with a twist as it turns out).

Anyway I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Best Regards,

     Dan O'Connell
     Vice President, Quo Vadis Theatre Company

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 23, 2005

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