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Cheers and Boos for
"The Taste for the Macabre in Art"

People Commmenting

Cheers for this article - The Taste for the Macabre in Today's Art!

It gave me great comfort to read and it was very well written and agreeable. I think what is going on today is really sad andit is very good to oppose such immoral acts as those exemplified by this article. I think Gunther Von Hagen and Hirst should be forced to read it!


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Missing the Point
People Commmenting

Like some of my fellow Catholics and others, you miss entirely the profound aspect of the Body Works exhibit in your critique, The Taste for the Macabre in Today's Art. If ever there was a testament to the miraculous complexity of the human body - muscle, bone, nerves, arteries, organs - this is it and it proves unquestionably that beauty is not merely skin deep. What's underneath is truly awe-inspiring. And this exhibit allows us to see and appreciate it all in a way never before seen. We're essentially all the same under our outer protective layer.

I feel indebted to those individuals who volunteered their bodies for such a purpose. And if they hadn't, their mortal remains would be rotting under ground in a metal box, plastic stopper in the anus, which was to keep fluids and gases from escaping during the wake. Any comments about the dignity and sanctity of that?

"What a piece of work is man..." Grow up.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 13, 2005

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