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Thanks to Our Lady of Good Success
for Favors Granted

People Commmenting

After moving to another state, we had difficulty selling our old home. This went on for months and carrying two mortgages began to put a great financial hardship on my family.

I found your website and page on Our Lady of Good Success and began praying to Our Lady of Good Success. I prayed the Novena and on the first day after completing it an offer came in on our old house, which we accepted. The sale has been completed and I am very grateful to Our Lady for her help and intercession in this matter, as it has relieved a tremendous financial and emotional hardship on myself and my family.

Thank You Most Blessed Lady of Good Success!

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My Testimony to Our Lady of Good Success

People Commmenting
In September 2001, I was rushed to the hospital in AZ. I had a triple bypass. One year later, two of the by-pass graphs had collapsed.

In August of 2002, I had arthritis in my left hip. I was given a book on The Miracles of Our Lady of Good Success along with a Novena to Our Lady of Good Success. At first I did not read it, then the pain became so great I could not get out of bed. One heart doctor said I was not to have the operation because out of two of his patients with the same problem I had, one died. But the pain was so great I started to say the Novena.

I must have said this Novena five or six times a day. I had a heart defibrillator placed near my heart on August 13th. Two months later on October 15th, I had the hip operation. I remember saying the Hail Mary going into the operating room, and saying it when I was coming to.

I was then in a rehabilitation home for 3 weeks, then on a walker for 3 weeks, and then on a 4 point cane for a week, then a single point cane. The doctors are amazed at the fast recovery. I will soon be off the cane.

I owe this fast and good recovery to Our Lady of Good Success. I still say the Novena to this day, morning and night, for my family and thanks for all the Blessings Our Lady has granted me.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted Augut 8, 2005

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