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Vatican Celebrates the 60th Anniversary
of the Cuban Revolution
Last Sunday when we posted the photos of Francis watching a Cuban Circus in his General Audience of January 2, 2019, we did not know that it was part of a larger Vatican event celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Communist Revolution.

Yes, the Liberation Theology Pope ordered the Vatican to commemmorate the communist take-over of Cuba and the 60 horrendous years of tyranny, which included the murdering of thousands of Catholics.

The report was posted on Vatican News in Spanish on January 2, 2019, but – given the strong reaction it caused – was soon removed from the Vatican website. However, TIA media team was able to retrive a snapshot of the original as it appeared in the archives in the Google cache.

Below, we offer to our readers a translation to English of the Vatican news report, followed by a snapshot of the original page in Spanish.


The historic anniversary was celebrated with an official ceremony in which former head of state and leader of the Cuban Communist Party, Raul Castro, participated along with the current president Miguel Días-Canel

María Cecilia Mutual - Vatican City

The Cuban Revolution turned 60 this January 1, 2019. On the island the historic anniversary was celebrated with a ceremony in Santiago de Cuba in the cemetery of Santa Ifigenia, where Fidel Castro is buried, who died on November 25, 2016, along with other leading national heroes. On January 1, 1959, dictator Fulgencio Batista fled after 26 months of guerrilla warfare led by the Castro brothers Fidel and Raúl. From Santiago, Fidel Castro proclaimed the "start of the revolution."

The official ceremony took place in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, "the cradle of the Revolution," and was attended by the former head of state and leader of the Cuban Communist Party, Raúl Castro, along with the current president Miguel Días-Canel and heads of the Communist Party and the Armed Forces.

In a long speech, former head of state Raúl Castro reaffirmed the continuity of Socialism on the island despite the strong confrontation with the United States and the "corralling of the (American) Empire with respect to the Latin American left." "We are no longer afraid," said the 87-year-old leader. "We are not intimidated by the language of force and threats," he continued, announcing that Cuba is preparing itself "for the worst case scenarios." "We will continue to prioritize the task of preparing our defense" with the objective of "preserving sovereignty and peace," he added.


In 2015, Pope Francis visited the Caribbean island from September 20 to 22 and held a private meeting with the former president and leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro. A second visit to the island took place on February 12, 2016, on a stop-over on his trip to Mexico, where he met with the Patriarch of Moscow.


As soon as he touched Cuban soil, Francis spoke about "the process of normalization of relations between two peoples after years of estrangement." An event – said the Pope – "that fills us with hope."

"It is a process, it is a sign of the victory of the culture of encounter, of dialogue, of the system of universal growth ... over the system, dead forever, of dynasty and groups," said José Martí. "I encourage political leaders to continue advancing along this path and to develop its full potential, as proof of the high service they are called to give to favor the peace and well-being of their peoples and of all of America, and as an example of reconciliation for the whole world. The world needs reconciliation in this atmosphere of a Third World War by stages in which we are living."


In his homily during the Mass held at the Plaza de la Revolución, the Holy Father spoke of the "holy faithful people of God who walk in Cuba," "a people who walk, who sing and praise." "It is a city that has wounds, like all people, but that knows how to have open arms, that marches with hope, because its vocation is one of greatness. That is how their heroes sowed it." ""Today I invite you to nourish that vocation, to take care of these gifts that God has given you, but especially I want to invite you to care for and serve, in a special way, the weakness of your brothers."


"Let us not forget the Good News of today," the Pope urged on that occasion. "the importance of a people, of a nation. The importance of a person is always based on how he serves the weakness of his brothers. In this we find one of the fruits of true humanity. Because, dear brothers and sisters, he who does not live to serve is not worthy of living."

Vatican celebrates 60th anniversary of Cuban Revolution

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