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L'Osservatore Romano Praises Teilhard
for Predicitng the World's Socialization
In its issue of July 3, 2013, page 5, the official organ of the Holy See, L'Osservatore Romano, published a bold eulogy of both the socialization of the world and how Teilhard de Chardin foresaw it.

It is a revealing document that speaks much of the present day orientation of the religious authorities who direct the Catholic Church.

We remind our readers that the perspectives and works of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin, S.J., were condemned by the Supreme Congregation of the Holy Office in 1962.

Below, we present a photocopy of the article in L'Osservatore Romano. This document is preceded by our translation from the Italian, in blue, of the parts marked in green in the original.
Socialization and Development of Civilization

How Teilhard de Chardin Anticipated Globalization

(…) The development of civilization is followed and characterized by the growth of socialization.

Teilhard de Chardin was a scholar who insistently emphasized the enormous importance of socialization in evolution, after the appearance of man. He anticipated the perspectives of the globalization and unification of the world. He saw the increasing socialization as an extension of life's evolution. This thinking is present in all his works. His perspective not only outlines the future in which the world's peoples become increasingly inter-dependent, but it glimpses the road of a new mankind walking toward the end point of the whole cosmic evolution, the omega point, which coincides with Christ, who summarizes of the entire reality. In this way of thinking – Simpson has observed – there is an overlap of a mystical outlook with a scientific vision.

Beyond this observation, Teilhard’s perspective deserves great consideration. It has foreseen characteristic aspects of present day society, in particular the society created by the internet. Teilhard sees mankind's thoughts as a wrapping of the biosphere, which he calls “noosphere.” As time goes by this wrapping grows with socialization.

Doubtlessly this growth is particularly expressed, both today and in the near future, in the means of communicating at a distance, which can be seen as a network of relationships, which literally wraps mankind.

Beyond Teilhard's viewpoint, the development of these relationships of the human species reveals itself today as a clearly new moment that opens unexpected horizons for a global humanity. With the means furnished by telematics and informatics, relationships are characterized by immediate communication - in real time and without the limits of space – by an inter-dependence created among individuals and groups, by the surpassing of geographic and even ideological boundaries, and by the diffusion of cultural traits. Even the diffusion of culture can occur, but given the velocity and the fragmentary character of communications, it appears to be more convenient to speak of the diffusion of cultural traits. It is one aspect of the unification of the world that constitutes a much broader phenomenon.

The relationship constitutes the proper ambience for man. Nonetheless, the increasing possibility of communicating through the use of modern technology paradoxically can harm inter-personal relationships. (…) 
Teilhard de Chardin and Socialization


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted on July 13, 2013