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La Civiltà Cattolica: Vatican II Closed the Trent Era

It is well known that La Civiltà Cattolica is the organ that expresses the thinking of the Society of Jesus. It is also said that every issue of the magazine is first checked by the Vatican Secretariat of State.

The editorial of its September 3, 1983 issue adressed the 33 General Congregations of the Jesuits, which was taking place at that time. In an editorial titled "How To Be a Jesuit Today," La Civiltà Cattolica gave general principles to orient the Congregation on issues of the day. That meeting elected Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach as General of the Order.

Among the important principles given, the following description of the consequences of Vatican II was set out.

Today, at a time when other Vatican authorities are affirming that Vatican II can be reconcilled with the truths of Trent, it seems to us very opportune to consider this important statement.

At right top is the cover of n. 3197 issue of La Civiltà Cattolica. At right, a photocopy of the Italian text of the editorial. Below, we present our translation of the lines highlighted in yellow.

With Council Vatican II, the Tridentine age which was born then (when the Society of Jesus was founded) closed for the Church.

It is not merely a matter of a change of appearances or a superficial thing, but rather a radical change in the way of thinking, feeling and living. It is not only a new civilization that was born, but a new man.

The Church, by means of a difficult and painful work, has profoundly renewed herself, and new ways of living the faith and being Christian have appeared.

(La Civiltà Cattolica, "Essere Gesuiti Oggi," Editorial, n. 3197, September 3, 1983, p. 355 )
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Posted on August 6, 2006

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