Religious: Ven. Antonio Margil

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Words of Ven. Antonio Margil de Jesus

Some excerpts from the letters of Fr. Antonio Margil

“Let us respond to Jesus with pure love, proving it by our works, as Jesus showed His love for us by His deeds not with find words.”

“We must serve our neighbor more than ourselves, for by so doing we make Almighty God our debtor, and He will aid us in our necessities.”

“The pearls of Christ Crucified are precious. The missionaries are divers of the Lord for them, and he died for them. Let us seek for them and be crowned with them. O, what good fortune!”

“The greatest sign of love is to suffer and keep silent.”

“As gold in the furnace, so God tries his servants.”

“If he is with us in tribulations, it is not longer tribulation, but glory!”

“To enjoy God there is an eternity given to us; but to perform some service for God and to do some good to our brethren, the time for that is very short.”

“Do not forget your nothingness, no matter what others may do to you. Do not fear so long as you live, Antonio, any demon greater than that called ‘I.’”

“What would the angels be without God? Nothing. What would Most Holy Mary be without God? Nothing. What would the humanity of Christ be without God? Nothing. Without God, in fact, all of us are nothing, nothing, nothing!”

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Ven. Antonio Margil, Apostle of Texas

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