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Denmark: Street Protests Made Parliament Halt
 Mandatory Vaccine Law & Lockdowns

Angélica Ca & Paulo Enéas, Brazil
Little by little, peoples from different countries of the West are starting to react to the gigantic and monstrous work of social engineering constructed by the globalists whose aim – under pretext of the Chinese virus pandemic – is to curtail individual liberties and impose measures of social control unheard-of in human history.

The most recent example of such reactions came from Denmark. A draconian bill was brought to the Danish Parliament giving exceptional powers to authorities to define groups of persons who should be mandatorily vaccinated against the Chinese virus. The bill proposed the use of police force to oblige those belonging to these groups to receive the vaccine.

The bill – called Epidemilov, or Epidemics Law – would replace an emergency law approved last October. Shortly after this latest bill was introduced, the people revolted making public protests in the street.

Danish protests against mandatory vaccination

Nine days of street protests defeated the bill establishing mandatory vaccination in Denmark

The new bill would give the Danish government the power to decree quarantines and other restrictive measures allegedly to combat the Chinese virus. Further, it would allow the authorities to prohibit the people’s access to public institutions, grocery stores, public and private senior homes and hospitals, as well as to restrict access to public transportation.

The term "coercion" was used 92 times in different contexts in the bill, and it referred to special powers for the State to combat the pandemic 84 times. According to the new bill, if persons were contaminated or even suspected of being contaminated by Covid, they could be examined, hospitalized, treated and isolated without their consent required.

In some cases the bill still proposed the use of state coercion, physical arrest and confinement in institutions, which in practice would form ghettos of people contaminated with Covid.

The bill also proposed the use of police force to enforce these measures.

The days-long protests obliged the Parliament to drop the bill.

 This article was first published on
Critica Nacional
on November 18, 2020


From Another Source

Danish People Say NO to Lockdown Law
& Government Relent

Tina Brooker, UK

This week saw a major victory for the Danish people, not that you would know it. Once again, global media have chosen to block this ground-breaking story presumably because it doesn’t fit the globalist narrative that they all so slavishly follow.

We must never ever underestimate the power of the people when standing united for freedom and liberty against tyrannical power. How many times have we witnessed this battle take place throughout history, sadly it is now a battle we face in our present.

Protest against vaccine in Denmark

Partial view of the protests against mandatory vaccine

Freedom is hard won and easily lost.

The Government in Denmark was proposing a new “epidemic law,” which was not going to be temporary. This new law included these measures:
  • People infected can be forcibly given a medical examination, hospitalized, treated and placed in isolation.

  • The government would be able to define groups of people who must be vaccinated.

  • People who refuse the above can be coerced to participate by physical detainment.
This was the new law they were proposing to adopt. However, for nine days the Danish people staged a “pots and pans” protest outside their Parliament opposing this legislation. Now, thanks to the protest, this law has been abandoned.

This is clear evidence that when the people collectively stand up and say NO they can make the power return to them.

We can only hope that this protest becomes an epidemic that will spread globally and very quickly – not only for our sake but for that of future generations.

All I will say is to remember the words of Edmund Burke.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

Watch a video of the protests here.

 This article was first published on
Unity News Network
on November 18, 2020

Posted November 30, 2020

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