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Border Chaos Precipitates
Constitutional Crisis

Pete Riehm
Illegal immigration has been an intractable problem for decades, for which there seems to be no solution. President Donald Trump finally made the only real progress in half a century by stemming the tide of illegal immigration. His policies worked, but Joe Biden wasted no time in reversing Trump’s effective policies to devastating effect. Biden and his henchmen threw open the borders, creating the worst humanitarian catastrophe ever in the western hemisphere right on our southern border.

Biden’s open borders are spreading crime and disease, allowing illegal migrants to be abused, exploited, raped, and even murdered, dragging down wages and taking jobs from Americans, and straining city and state budgets across the nation. Thanks to red states supporting sanctuary cities by sharing their illegal alien burden, blue cities and states are also begging for relief and demanding the border be secured. Biden’s obvious failure on the border is making everyone miserable. No one is the least bit satisfied with his immigration programs, so why does he persist? Extremely unpopular, why does Biden refuse to secure border?!

Texas border migrant masses

The southern border: totally overwhelmed
by mass migration

Some simply claim Democrats are just against anything Trump did, so they automatically oppose his strategy. But there is much more to it. The first tactic routinely employed by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is delusion and oblivion. Mayorkas insists the border is closed when daily images prove otherwise. So steadfast in his lies, one wonders if he is just not so clever or so sinister that he denies reality with ease.

Mayorkas does come across as unintelligent, but don’t underestimate their guile. Another easy conclusion is that Democrats need new malleable migrant voters to aid their electoral ambitions. They hope flooding red states reshapes their electorate, or flooding blue states will provide ample new bodies to cheat or count as voters. All of this is true with over six million migrant invaders since Biden took office, but the primary drivers to keep our borders open are perhaps even deeper.

The federal government has completely abandoned their constitutional duties to defend the country, maintain a secure border, and regulate immigration, so what’s a state under siege supposed to do? Texas has had enough, and they are doing the job the federal government won’t do. Contrary to leftists misconstruing the constitution, Texas is defending itself on solid constitutional grounds. First, the Biden administration is obviously derelict in defending the nation. Article IV, Section 4 clearly states the federal government “shall protect states from invasion.” Far from protecting the border, the federal government is encouraging this illegal invasion. Therefore, under Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3, Texas has a “sovereign interest (the right) in protecting their borders” when the federal government has failed to act.

By their gross dereliction of duty, the Biden administration is cynically fomenting a constitutional showdown with a state simply trying to survive. If Biden federalized the Texas National Guard, there could be a struggle for control. Even without much of a struggle, Democrats would love to crush the Tenth Amendment, but if Texas upholds the Tenth Amendment and proves state sovereignty, the Democrats will try to flip the script and cast that as the demise of the Constitution. They will claim we must revise the Constitution to give the federal government more power to deal with rogue states. Might sound like a stretch, but remember they hate the Constitution and yearn to dismantle our Constitutional Republic.

Goverments squabble over wire
while the crisis continues

Rewriting the Constitution is certainly a leftist fantasy, but likely and hopefully still not possible. However, leftists are patient and glad for incremental erosion of the Constitution, so they will gladly misrepresent Texas as defying the Supreme Court to weaken the court. Democrats could be setting the stage for other states to ignore the courts, like Colorado who removed Trump from their ballots.

Once again, the Supreme Court is slipping, and the press is exploiting the misunderstanding. The issue is not whether or not Texas can use concertina wire, but rather can federal agents cut the wire. In a scant ruling, the Court only reversed a lower court’s temporary restraining order against federal agents cutting the wire, so Texas keeps on installing wire. Texans agree that the wire can be cut in the event of an emergency, like a drowning migrant, so Texas is just not giving the federal government access in areas like Eagle Pass. The issue of can Texas install barriers on the border may yet be decided, but the press and pundits want you to believe it has and that Texas is just flouting the court.

All of the suffering at the border and chaos spreading across the country from this endless invasion of illegal immigrants is wholly unnecessary and avoidable if the Biden administration would just do their jobs – secure the border and control immigration like Trump did. As both Democrats and Republicans clamor for relief, their intransigence seems inexplicable and irrational, but the leftist agenda is to collapse our institutions to consolidate power. Therefore, anything that causes chaos or a crisis is merely another opportunity for leftists to further their goal of destroying America.

Don’t be fooled by the supposedly bipartisan deal in the Senate that increases legal immigration without addressing illegal immigration. It’s just another betrayal to maintain the chaos and keep banging away at our constitutional foundations until they buckle. The ruling elite in Washington, the leftists in both parties, are only working to preserve their power, not to protect our nation or rights, so vote them out before they succeed in bringing us down.

“A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls” (Proverbs 25:28).

Pete Riehm first published this article in Renew America
on February 1, 2024.

Read other articles by Pete Riehm here

Posted February 2, 2024


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