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At Last! Report Confirms Russia & China
‘Work Against’ U.S.

Toby Westerman
The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has concluded that the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) are "working against" the interests of the United States around the world. “Moscow and Beijing share a common interest in weakening U.S. global influence and are actively cooperating in that regard,” according to the article citing the DIA report. The DIA report stated that defense cooperation as well as economic ties between Russia and China are slowly expanding.

DIA report 2017

The 2017 report confirms a strong China-Moscow cooperation

In reality, cooperation between Russia and the PRC goes back decades to the early 1990s.

Compelling questions arising from the DIA report, most importantly: Why the cooperation between Moscow and Beijing is just now becoming news? What is driving the military alliance between the supposedly democratic, even Christian, Russia and the overtly Communist Peoples Republic?

The short answer is that the present Russian government, which is neither democratic or Christian, has supported the Peoples Republic militarily and has worked with the PRC against the United States around the world for decades.

The most obvious instance of Moscow-Beijing global cooperation is the 1997 declaration issued by Boris Yeltsin of Russia and Jiang Zemin of the Peoples Republic for a New World Order. Envisioned was a "multi-polar" world where the influence of the United States is truncated and that of Russia and the Peoples Republic are heightened.

This New World Order declaration was preceded by years of Russian military assistance to the PRC. Since the rise of Vladimir Putin, the cooperation of Russia and the Peoples Republic has accelerated with yearly military and naval exercises and even reported plans for a joint base on the moon.

The concept of Russia-PRC cooperation has never been popular, at least up to now. In the 1990s and until rather recently, many "experts" believed that Russia would eventually side with the West against China. One of the main reasons given was the PRC's expanding birthrate when compared to Russia's falling population, and it was said that Chinese militarists were eyeing the vast but underpopulated Russian Far East. The Russian economy also compared unfavorably to the economic boom in the Peoples Republic, which, it may be added, was fueling a still ongoing military expansion.

There was also the firm belief that Western investment in the PRC would eventually create a powerful middle class that would demand the end to communist rule in China. In effect, fear would prompt Russia to become pro-Western and the ruling Communist Party would finally lose its grip on power.


Russia & China planning "enormous" events after the joint South China Sea Drill

The idea of Russia-China collaboration was considered ludicrous. The British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, writing in 2014, cited a Chinese diplomat whose statements seemed to support the idea of hostility between Moscow and Beijing and, then, derisively referred to those who speak "pieties of a Moscow-Beijing axis." The latest DIA report on Russia and the PRC appears to come down in favor of those "pieties."

Russia and China are prepared to expand their level of mutual assistance, and have promised "enormous" and "important" joint military events in the future.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu stated during a June meeting with PRC military leaders that “It is important that Russia and China are ready to defend the world with mutual efforts and strengthen international security,” which appears to be a military version of the Yeltsin-Jiang 1997 New World Order declaration.

At the same June meeting, Shoigu confirmed that there is more to come: “Our experts have prepared a roadmap for development in the military sphere between Russia and China in the years 2017-2020.”

The question remains, why? What is driving Moscow and Beijing to join their increasingly powerful military capabilities? And, why has it taken so long for our intelligence services to recognize this development, which this column has warned about for over two decades?

Heavy investment from the United States and other Western nations has enabled the Russian Federation and China to engage in a stunning military build-up, which now threatens all of us. The "international security" envisioned by Moscow and the Peoples Republic ensures the safety of rogue nations from North Korea to Communist Cuba, would end the influence of the United States as a world power, and make human political servitude the unchallenged norm around the world.

It is as if our intelligence services have been looking through "blind eyes."


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 4, 2017

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