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The Smiling Neo-Communist
& the Mediocre Man

Jorge Zamora, Chile

This article reports the centrist reaction in Chile in face of the newly elected right-wing government. It shows our American readers how those who manipulate public opinion are already working full steam there to bring back an even more radical Communist than the last president, Michelle Bachelet. Jorge Zamora’s warning is most timely, since it also explains the process in play for the past March 2010 elections in Uruguay and the coming October 2010 elections in Brazil.
We believe that this model of the smiling “neo-Communist” political leader can also apply to Barack Obama in the United States. TIA
Today it is very common to find a type of man who adores the status quo. He welcomes everything that seeks unity as a supreme good. The only “dogmatic” principles he accepts are dialogue and his don’t-change-because-it-will-only-be-worse position. I am defining the mediocre man, an enemy of any certainty, who prefers to live with a leftist government in his country than to make an effort to change it or to be a hero, should the situation demand it. Nothing is more repulsive to the mediocre man than heroism.

Smiling Obama

The new left is winning with deceiving smiles
When elections take place, the mediocre man casts his ballots for the candidates who he thinks will make the most people happy. Fear stops him from voting for the candidates of the right: “The unions may stage walk-outs and paralyze the country… Then what will happen to my business? How many clients will I lose?”

He is sympathetic to the leftist party because it allows more so-called freedoms and moral dissolution (abortions, homosexual ‘marriage,’ the legalization of drugs, etc.), legal initiatives that make life easier for those who have set aside God’s precepts. Hence, for the man of dialogue, unity and the status quo, a leftist government is more convenient, and he casts his ballots for a left or a center-left candidate.

Often this mediocre man is a churchgoer. He looks for a Mass where the sermon is as lukewarm and inexpressive as he is, preached with weak tones and insipid gestures and whose theme is ecumenism and “mutual love.” In homilies turned toward ecumenism with “our separated brethren” the Protestants, he finds justification for his attitude toward the Communists and his inaction in face of the national situation. So, every Sunday the mediocre man assists at the progressivist Mass of preference to receive the needed dose of anesthetic to silence his conscience, whose voice is increasingly muffled.

At times, however, the mediocre man will speak out clearly and loudly. This is when he attacks a counter-revolutionary Catholic who is defending the principle that nations should love and obey Our Lord Jesus Christ and return to the bosom of Christendom. The counter-revolutionary understands that unless the true Faith influences all the institutions and laws of civil society, social peace is nothing more than another chimera of the modern world.

When the counter-revolutionary expounds this archaic “medieval” thinking – and let me stress that “medieval” is a grave insult that the mediocre man launches against his enemies – he becomes furious. Then he bellows and roars and shows his claws. Tolerance for others does not apply in this case.

The mediocre man – necessary for Communism to advance

Ex-guerilla Jose Mujica with Lula

Ex-guerilla Mujica with Red Lula
The smiling neo-Communist needs the mediocre man to return to power or to maintain it once he is in. The mediocre man is a natural ally of the Communist. That the great majority of people constitutes this kind of mediocre man is what guarantees the neo-Communist he will not find significant obstacles to his plan of conquest.

This is what happened in Uruguay on March 1, 2010, when José Mujica, an ex-guerilla who took part in terrorist attacks in the 1970s, conquered Uruguayan public opinion and assumed the presidency of that country. Smiling, he made the mediocre man feel like Mujica had become “politically mature,” even fooling his political opponents (1). Thus, one of the founders of the terrorist group Tupamaros returned to the political scene – this time not with a machine gun in his hand or wearing a guerrilla uniform, but with affable features, a bourgeois suit and a smiling face.

But since the mediocre man looks no further than the surface, he fails to ask: When did Mujica stop being a guerrilla? What caused him to change his position? Or, if he did not change, could this be a ruse to take political power?

Michelle Bachelete smiles with Morales

Michelle Bachelete and Morales - all smiles for a gullible public
Something similar happened in Chile when Michelle Bachelet won the election. She had also belonged to a terrorist Manuel Rodriguez group. (2) But for her campaign she appeared as a sympathetic and understanding mother figure, calculated to charm the mediocre electorate.

This also applies to Venezuela. If it were not for the great majority of mediocre people supporting Chavez, he could never remain in power or move forward with his Stalinist inspired agenda. Chavez perfectly understands the psychology of the mediocre man he addresses. At the beginning of his government, he presented himself as amiable and smiling, revealing a “political maturity.” Only after he mesmerized the majority of the people, did he take off his mask.

I could also point out similar pictures regarding the behavior of Rafael Correa in Ecuador (sponsor of the terrorist group FARC), Ortega in Nicaragua, Lugo in Paraguay and even Fidel Castro before his rise to power.

Is this neo-Communist ruse still being used? I believe so. It is being repeated right now in Brazil.

What is happening in Brazil?

In Brazil Lula presented Dilma Rousseff as his political ‘heiress’ to govern the most important nation of our South American Continent. Dilma is another smiling neo-Communist to calm the fears of the mediocre bourgeois, who, like an ostrich, does not want to see reality.

Dilma Rousseff

The new face of Lula's protege, Dilma Rousseff
Who is Dilma Rousseff? She is a Communist ex-guerilla who traded her machine gun for a notebook, the forest and military tent for luxury offices, incendiary speeches and a clandestine life for a warm, urbane look in order to win the support and ballots of the mediocre optimists.

In the 1960s in her late teens she entered a terrorist cell of the Polop (Brazilian acronym for Workers Revolutionary Marxist Politics Organization). She married Claudio Galeno, an expert in making bombs. In the early ‘70s she was taken by the police in a raid against another Communist movement, the Palmares Vanguard Revolutionary Army. From 1970 to 1972 she was in prison.

Released in 1972, she traveled to Uruguay for more training in guerilla techniques. Back in Brazil her activities extended from participating in bank-robberies to finance the guerilla movement, to kidnappings of known businessmen and political personages such as the ex-Treasury Minister Delfim Neto.

For Dilma to win the October elections she needs the Catholic support, since 75% of Brazilians are Catholics. This is the serious possibility we are now facing…

While South America burns and becomes Communist, our mediocre bourgeois sleeps soundly, takes its morning hot coffee and goes to Mass to listen to the sermon. Dilma knows this mediocre man quite well… To appeal to him, she also now speaks with a soft voice, smiles and shows her “political maturity.”

How long will these smiles of neo-Communist guerilla militants last? How long did Chavez smile? And Fidel? What will happen when the present day neo-Communists stop smiling? The Venezuelans and Cubans can answer this question for us.
1.Yahoo news, March 1, 2010
2. Her former comrades said this about her in an April 2003 press conference: “Minister Bachelet was an active militant of the Front. For us this is a motive for pride, and for this reason we reject those who turn their backs and are ashamed of their past.” La Tercera online

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 5, 2010

Jorge Zamora first published this article in Spanish on his blog
El Cruzado
A site to expose Socialism, Communism and the Revolution in the Church

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