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The ‘Twisted Mindset’

Toby Westerman

A "twisted mindset" produced by an "irrational" hatred for the United States has made the Communist State of Cuba a valuable ally to international terrorism. Cuba's aid to terrorist networks range from sophisticated espionage operations to important bio-technology research which could easily be used in a germ warfare attack against the U.S.

A Cuban spy

Cuba's agents continue to infiltrate the U.S.
While the U.S. at this time seems to have trouble defending the country against lone wolf "panty bombers," the dangers poised by the determined and implacable hostility of certain national leaders - including those of Cuba - places an even greater demand on America's poorly led and coordinated security services.

The threat posed by the active and ongoing alliance between Cuba and international terror was detailed in an exclusive interview granted to International News Analysis - INA - by Christopher Simmons, founder of the Cuban Intelligence Research Center, a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, and a former counterintelligence officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Cuba's assistance to international terror is both thorough and sophisticated, according to Simmons. The Cuban leadership has an angry, "twisted mindset" toward the United States and is willing to go out of its way to inflict serious damage on the U.S., Simmons told INA.

One stunning example, which has gone unreported by the centralized media, is the coordination between Cuban spy services and the perpetrators of the September 11 attack on the United States. Only recently are we beginning to understand the full extent of Cuban assistance to the 9-11 attackers.

The 2nd plane strike of September 11

Provocations from Cuban agents diverted attention from catching the 9-11 terrorists
Simmons told INA that shortly after the assaults on Washington and New York and for about 18 months thereafter, Cuban operatives under the cover of informers appeared at U.S. embassies in various nations claiming to have important information about the attacks.

The intentional attempt to mislead U.S. personnel is referred to as a provocation.

Estimating the number of provocations at about 20, Simmons stated that thousands of counterintelligence man hours, which could have been devoted to investigating real leads against dangerous terrorists, were wasted examining the claims of individuals deliberately misleading American intelligence officers.

The Cubans had tied up U.S. investigators and, as a result "a lot of terrorists were not caught," declared Simmons.

Even more ominous is the close cooperation between Cuba and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Cuba has invested a phenomenal amount of time and money into research in the field of infectious diseases. While Cuba's efforts may appear to be laudable, Havana's decades-long ties to terrorism raise serious concerns.

For decades, the Cuban regime has been a second home to terror groups of various descriptions, including the Marxist elements of the Irish Republican Army, IRA, the Basque separatist group ETA, and the Marxist Colombian narco-terror army best known by their Spanish acronym FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). Havana also plays host to a number of Islamic fundamentalist terror groups.

For years, anti-terror experts have confronted the nightmare of a biological attack upon the United States. Cuba, with its ties to terror, its sophisticated research into biological pathogens, and its leaders’ implacable hatred of the U.S., is a prime suspect in the possible production and export of bio-terror weapons.

"Cuba should draw a lot of scrutiny" as a possible source of biological warfare material, Simmons told INA.

In the media, however, Cuba has not drawn any serious examination. Cuba remains today, as did the Soviet Union in the ‘30s and ‘40s, a pet of Hollywood stars, celebrities, and academics. Cuba also has its friends in Washington D.C., both in and outside of the administration of Barack Obama.

The Ladies in White demanding freedom for political prisoners in Cuba

A manifestation of the Ladies in White in Cuba demanding freedom for political prisoners
As with the Soviet Union, Cuba's political oppression at home and aggression abroad is ignored. Nothing is heard in the centralized mass media about Cuba's political prisoners, or the "ladies in white" who risk the wrath of Communist political thugs to openly protest the Cuban regime's gulag-style politics.

Internationally, Cuba has become a major force in Latin America, and the Cuban leadership, in power since 1959, is an inspiration to newer dictators, from Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to Daniel Ortega, a Marxist guerrilla leader who has again emerged as the president of Nicaragua.

Simmons noted that the longevity of the Cuban dictatorship, first under Fidel and then Raul Castro, provides an advantage to Havana in carrying out long-term strategies directed at the United States. At the same time, however, U.S. counterintelligence can identify well-known patterns THAT arise from the activities of Cuba and some of its allies.

"The patterns are there, they are predictable," Simmons told International News Analysis.

Cuban intelligence remains very active in acquiring information which could be used either directly against the United States or to sell to other countries in return for support for Cuba's anti-U.S. activities. Despite occasional reports to the contrary in the centralized media, the Cuban regime remains steadfastly hostile to the U.S. and ready to quickly act against American interests whenever possible.

Cuba must be recognized for the peril it poses to the United States and to all other nations who believe that each individual has God-given rights which the government has no right to take away.

Simmons stated that, as is the case with their Islamic terrorist allies, Cuba watches America's reaction to aggression, and if we do not respond swiftly and decisively, "we will be hit harder."


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 27, 2010

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