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Chavez & the New One-Party Terror State

Toby Westerman

The major U.S. media continue to ignore the development of a terror-state within a few minutes flying time of a medium-range missile. The oil-rich South American nation of Venezuela, once a close ally of the United States, is being transformed into a single party dictatorship dedicated to the support of terror.

The American people remain largely uninformed regarding Venezuela's role involvement in international terror by a media which persistently describe that nation's president, Hugo Chavez, as a popularly elected official.

Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinejad embrace

Ahmadinejad and Chavez embrace, united in their anti-US rhetoric
An object lesson in terror networking is now available to the American people with the arrival in Venezuela of the president of Iran, Mahmud Ahmadinejad. Chavez has already made five trips to Iran, the fifth this July, and Ahmadinejad's trip will be the second time an Iranian president has come to Venezuela. This meeting, however, comes as Venezuela is seeking a seat on the United Nation's Security Council. If successful, the Chavez regime would join the other 10 non-permanent members and the five permanent members: Russia, China, France, Britain, and the United States.

Chavez has stated that he is seeking a Security Council seat "to support the strengthening of justice in the world."

Venezuela has been the most supportive nation at the UN of Iran's nuclear program, which is under pressure for its lack of openness to international investigation. The Chavez regime, along with its partner Brazil, is seeking to develop nuclear capability, and can count on Iran's technical - and probably nuclear - assistance. Iran and Venezuela profess only a peaceful interest in nuclear power, but their virulent anti-American statements and a commitment to state-of-the-art military forces signal implacably hostile intentions.

The kind of "justice in the world" that Chavez advocates is seen in his decision to turn Venezuela into a one-party state, similar to the nations for which he has expressed admiration: North Korea, Iran, and Cuba.

Threats, bribery, street gang attacks against opposition demonstrations, wide-spread tampering with voter rolls, and voting machines which remember voters' names, have contributed to Chavez and his allies completely controlling every seat in the 167 seat legislature, and disillusionment among anti-Chavez parties. Chavez is looking to an easy election victory in December, and has declared his desire that, after the election, all his supporters unite into a single party "to attack and counterattack" all opposition.

Chavez' gangland-style "election victories" have failed to cause concern among media pundits about the political direction of Venezuela, a nation which is the world's fifth largest producer of oil, and an aspirant to nuclear power. It is a struggle the established media ignore, and of which America deserves to be made fully aware.


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Posted September 20, 2006

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