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Communist Mexico?

Toby Westerman

Nearly 15 years after the collapse of the USSR, America could encounter what would have been unthinkable during the Cold War - a hostile, communist nation on our southern border. If the plans of the Marxist president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, are successful, America's neighbor to the south will become a virtual enemy camp.

For the past five years, Chavez has sent money and agents to Mexico to finance and infiltrate local political groups on the left, according to a Mexican news daily (La Crónica de Hoy online, March 7, 2006). The goal is ideological - pro-Chavez operatives want to dominate the increasingly powerful left wing in Mexico.

Manuel Obrador

Will Mexico join the red bloc of Latin American countries with the election of Manuel Obrador?
The Chavez strategy is in a critical phase. The Mexican presidential election is scheduled for July 2, 2006, and the favored candidate to win is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a leftist who is currently leading his closest opponent, Felipe Calderon, by more than ten percentage points. Obrador claims not to have any affiliations beyond Mexico's historical political traditions, but his supporters include militant socialists who openly support the communist rebels in Colombia, a conflict which has taken tens of thousands of lives. Many others have developed a loyalty to Chavez and his particular brand of Marxism.

Chavez has borrowed from Lenin, Mao, and Fidel Castro of Cuba, among others, to develop "Bolivarian" Socialism, what is termed "21st century Socialism," which, so far, looks very similar to other Marxist schemes. The term "Bolivarian" comes from the name of the famous South American liberator, Simon Bolivar, who defeated Spanish colonial forces in the early 19th century.

Should Obrador win, as many expect, a large number of his supporters will be Communist militants willing to use force to bring leftist policies into reality.

To ensure that Mexico's version of "Bolivarian Socialism" has the ability to assert its will effectively, Chavez has already supplied "logistics" and "military training" to leftist rebel groups, according to the report.

In Venezuela, "Bolivarian" supporters have been able to threaten and intimidate opponents by using weapons and strong-arm tactics. Mexico may be headed for a similar fate.

The prospect of a communist Mexico is only the latest blow to the U.S. in Latin America, once America's "backyard." The pro-terror Islamic Republic of Iran is a close ally of Venezuela, and may seek to share nuclear secrets with its Marxist ally. There are also reports that Venezuela may seek rocket technology from the Stalinist gulag of North Korea.

Venezuela's Marxist partner in the Caribbean, Castro's Cuba, recently played host to a top-level military delegation from China, led by General Peng Xiaofeng, who was the chief political officer of the PLA's nuclear forces.

Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia all have leftist governments with varying degrees of hostility to the U.S.

The media is ignoring the red tide sweeping across Latin America, and the federal government seems unwilling to respond. The situation becomes even more alarming in view of our inept policies concerning the control of our borders.

Let your representatives know what you think about these issues, which the established media fails to cover.

The American people must address the question of China's growing power, its ominous actions, and its unclear intentions toward the United States before we are stunned by a 21st century "Pearl Harbor."


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 16, 2006

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