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New ‘Grand Alliance’ of Terror

Toby Westerman

A new "grand alliance" of terror is developing. The phrase "grand alliance" or "grand alliance of brothers," was coined by Nicholas Maduro, president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, during the recent visit of Golanti Hadad Adel, president of the Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Iran.

Both Iran and Venezuela have common interests in "liberation struggles," Adel asserted. In response, Maduro declared that Adel's visit "strengthened ties" between Venezuela and Iran which are leading to the economic, scientific, technological, and social integration" of the two nations (La Nueva Cuba online, February 14, 2006).

Anti-America riot of Muslims

A shared hatred of the United States

Inside the Vatican, November 2001
The strongest link between the regime of Venezuela's Marxist president Hugo Chavez and the Islamic Republic of Iran is a common hatred of the United States, or in Maduro's words during Adel's visit, "North American imperialism." The Islamic Republic of Iran has been the sworn enemy of the United States since coming to power in 1979 after the overthrow of the U.S.-supported Shah, and establishing a Muslim theocracy.

The "grand alliance" between Venezuela and Iran is particularly bad news for U.S. security forces, because both nations have considerable experience in infiltration and guerrilla warfare. Venezuela is known to have supported communist guerrilla armies throughout Latin America, and Iran has supported anti-U.S. insurgents operating in Iraq. Iran is also the main power behind the terror group Hamas, which recently gained control of the Palestinian government through parliamentary elections.

The regime of Hugo Chavez, which is interested in developing nuclear power, has been the strongest supporter of Iran's nuclear program. Venezuela, a member of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency, has consistently voted against any restrictions on Iranian nuclear development. The government of Iran is grateful for Venezuela's loyalty, and the Chavez regime can look to Iran for assistance in developing a nuclear capability.

The "grand alliance" which Maduro envisions includes more than just Iran and Venezuela. Adel is leading a delegation on an eight-day-tour which will visit a number of other nations in the region, including the communist/socialist governments of Cuba, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina.

Muslim terrorists strapped with dynamite

Hamas militants, above, and South American Communists would make a formidable alliance against the U.S.

Actualite des Religions, December 2001
While Iran is courting Latin America, Hamas has also declared its interest in developing a state-to-state relationship with the region. Mohamyed Nazzal, a member of Hamas' political affairs section, said that the new Hamas government is "particularly interested in developing diplomatic relations with Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Brazil, according to a recent Spanish language news account (IBLNews online, February 9, 2006).

The "grand alliance" of terror facing the United States is real, its members are experienced in the techniques of infiltration and terror, and the money to finance this effort - an effort to destroy the U.S. -- is well funded through oil profits.

In effect, when America buys oil from the Chavez regime, it is paying for its own destruction. The war on terror has taken on world war proportions, and much of the threat from that war lurks and grows stronger day by day, just south of our border, in what was once considered "America's Backyard."

The U.S. government must secure its borders, at once. The survival of the United States now depends on knowing who is in the country. The U.S. must also do a better job in selling itself to our Latin American neighbors. The truth about the United States must not be left to the polemics of Communist and militant Islamic propagandists.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 20, 2006

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New ‘Grand Alliance’ of Terror
was published in the February 14, 2006 online edition of INA Today

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