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Catholic Traditionalists Support President Bush
on the War Against Iraq

Father Gommar A. De Pauw,
in Quote...Unquote, the organ of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, Inc.,
March 9, 2003

Before an approving crowd of hundreds of Catholics from New York and neighboring states, attending his standing-room-only Masses at the Catholic Traditionalist Movement (C.T.M.) headquarters' Ave Maria Chapel in Westbury, Long Island, NY, the Founder-President of the C.T.M. expressed his total unqualified support for President Bush's contemplated military actions against all terrorists and Iraq's Saddam Hussein in particular.

Father Gommar A. De Pauw, J.C.D,. for 13 years Major Seminary professor of Moral Theology, a theological-canonical "personal expert" at the Second Vatican Counsel (1962-1965), and author of The Challenge of Peace through Strength - God's Plan and Our Defense of It dared any qualified theologian to refute his conclusion that the contemplated war against Hussein fulfills all the traditionally required conditions to be classified as a JUST WAR.

The veteran priest urged all Catholics, of whatever persuasion, to disdainfully ignore all directives in this matter emanating from today's powers-that-be at the Vatican and Americas Catholic bishops. In this, the priest added they [his conclusions] are inspired and sustained by the principles unequivocally proclaimed by Pope Pius XII and all Catholic bishops of the United States during World War II

The Catholic Traditionalist Movement Inc. is the world's first post-Vatican II resistance organization, founded in 1964, and once described by its opponents as "only" representing one-third of the United States 63 million Catholics.

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