Homosexuality and the Clergy
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Why Didn’t Card. George Condemn
the Sodomite ‘Rights’ Bill in Illinois?

Gary L. Morella

A bill adding the term “sexual orientation” to the state’s Human Rights Act passed 65-41 in the Illinois House, after getting by the Senate with of vote of 30-27. Governor Rod Blagojevich had already promised to sign it, calling it an “anti-discrimination bill.” (Washington Times, Illinois Gay Rights Bill Passes, January 12, 2005, online edition).

The Bill, SB 3186, opens the door to overturn the Illinois marriage law, threatens tax exemptions for religious organizations who do not hire homosexuals, and protects cross-dressing in the work place. In the moral sphere, it legitimizes a sin against God and society and forces public acceptance of sodomite behavior

Cardinal George did nothing to stop SB 3186

Why didn't Cardinal George campaign against SB 3186?

Why didn’t the Catholic Hierarchy in Illinois condemn this recently passed sodomite “rights” bill, which defies both faith and reason? Cardinal Francis George should have been leading the charge to fight the sodomite filth in his Archdiocese for the sake of souls. Not the least, are those souls who are being lied to and told that a person being inclined to the most filthy of acts is somehow virtuous. Good strong teaching is especially needed in light of the horrendous influence of the late Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago, Joseph Bernardin, who made dissent from Catholic teaching easy with his "common ground - seamless garment" initiatives, which basically told Catholics that opposing abortion was no big thing. Bernardin asked that a sodomite choir sing at his funeral Mass, causing scandal to what was left of the faithful in Chicago even after his death, no small trick.

There should have been an outcry heard across the Archdiocese that resonated from the pulpits of every Catholic parish. Where was the preaching about the abomination that was about to be thrust upon the citizens of Illinois by militant pro-sodomite activists who selfishly care only about their own unnatural pleasures? Forget the common good, which should have been the first priority of State legislators, is the message.

Did this outcry take place? I cannot believe that it did. In the same manner that the Church has been mute about the real cause of the sexual scandals destroying it from within, protecting and allowing sodomite clergy in open defiance of Catholic moral teaching, the Church did relatively little to warn against the bill’s real dangers. God help those masquerading as our "good shepherds," who have showed themselves to be wolves.

We would not be facing the kind of anarchic legislation such as the recent bill passed in Illinois if the Catholic Church would teach as she should, and not just put the blame where it does not belong by supporting bogus programs such as Good Touch, Bad Touch, Virtus, Teaching Touching Safety, with their common thread of robbing the innocence of the very children they claim to protect. In effect, such programs hypocritically commit child abuse in their process of so-called education.

What a pity that those charged with so much in terms of man's supernatural end, which is the most important thing in life, care so little for what Jesus said in the last chapter of the Gospel of Matthew when he commanded the apostles to go out and teach all nations, and convert the world to the Catholic Faith.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 24, 2004

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