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Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony - II

Inaugurating a New World Order
Ruled by Satan

Marian Horvat, Ph.D.
The indoor ceremony to inaugurate the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland presented another extravagant performance with the same adulation of the Devil and his minions. In my view, however, it was more radical by performing a kind of baptism of the New World Order, the Universal Republic which has been for so long an ideal of Freemasonry, sounding the death toll for Christian Civilization.

Let us see how this new dramaturgy played out inside the tunnel, where the walls were used as movie screens, flashing messages during the performance to a smaller group of Europe's most powerful leaders that included heads of States Merkel (Germany) and Hollande (France). As the chosen invitees wait in the psychedelic shadows, a macabre pair of all-seeing eyes forewarned the participants of the fare prepared.

Gotthard Tunnel opening

After a stagecoach blasts through the tunnel, we see the worker-zombies marching into the tunnel. The workers are predominantly women – the first three rows all women in fact – a message about the growing feminism of the modern world and the secondary place man must play in it. On the walls are scenes of exploding and falling rocks that these workers supposedly mined to make the tunnel…

Gotthard Tunnel opening

Nine workers leave the group and climb heavy metal chains with rings to hang 'dead' from the ceiling: again, a very strange ”tribute” to the miners who lost their lives during the excavation. Four of them descend to join the others, who rush panic stricken and confused from the tunnel while five continue to hang inert awaiting the next cart of performers.

Gotthard Tunnel opening

The second cart is manned by a group of unisex couples stripped down to their underwear who supposedly symbolize the people who will use the new super-train. They are paired indiscriminately, female-male, male-male, female-female and in the center is a white winged figure, a topless masked woman/man.

Gotthard Tunnel opening

The choreography changes and the paired couples begin to simulate sexual encounters. Now we can clearly see the central figure: which appears to be the Fallen Angel, a winged demonic creature with a large baby mask, the arms and legs of a man and the breasts of a woman. This androgynous creature reigns over the orgy, boasting to the world that she/he is the master behind the homosexual and transgender agenda being forced so violently on everyone today.

Gotthard Tunnel opening

The Fallen Angel rises, joining the dead workers, flying among them as the workers re-enter the stage and fall to the group face-down below him. The audience looks baffled, although some laugh, enjoying the simulated orgy.

Gotthard Tunnel opening

But, I believe there is no question who this ceremony is meant to honor, not the dead hanging workers, but the winged androgynous creature who flutters menacingly among them. Soon, the five workers descend and also pay her/him due homage.

Gotthard Tunnel opening

Baphomet gambols again

Another cart carrying the familiar Krampus straw devils enter and the goat-man representing Baphomet emerged as master of ceremonies. He struts, grunts, emits fiendish laughter and brandishes his hairy protruding belly mockingly before the spectators. The straw devils begin their dervish whirls, and as in the first ceremony, Baphomet weaves in and out of them, calling attention to himself as horned acrobats climb black drapes to perform for him.

Gotthard tunnel opening

Into this eerie atmosphere comes, as in the first ceremony, a procession of pagan Druid-style adorers who carry dead branches, marching slowly behind a woman holding a white lamb. This seems to refer to the ancient Gallic customs when the Alpine peoples adored idols of nature and animals and were possessed by devils in the pagan rituals.

Gotthard tunnel opening

Throughout, the spectators are “entertained” by the sound of howls, screeches, tolling bells, as an apropos background for Baphomet, who, shaking his belly and taking obscene positions, frenetically weaves in and out directing the procession. He is joined by a half-man/half-goat – Pan, the ancient god of the wild and nature associated with unbridled sexuality. It is a scene of Hell unleashed.

Gotthard tunnel opening

The death toll of Catholic Civilization

The drumbeats stop. Silence, and a lone figures enters, a yodeler is dressed as a Swiss villager, carrying goat bells, warbling mournful notes. This defeated yodeler walks like a drunken old man, his head jerks and drops at times, his expression is confused. It is dying Catholic Switzerland with its good customs and morals, now worn out and defeated.

Gotthard tunnel opening

As he reaches the end of the tunnel stage, he turns and opens his arms, beckoning to the shadowy horned figure that is emerging to replace him. Who is it? The lethargic goat-man that appeared at the end of the first ceremony: Modern Switzerland re-embraces the devils of its past. The pagan chorus in the balcony begins to drone a single-note 'ooooohhhhmmmm.'

Gotthard tunnel opening

New World Order dominated by the Devil blessed by Francis

The final act begins abruptly: a circus again, as in the first ceremony. Finally, all the somber notes and tones are gone. The workers, pagans and devils are joined by trapeze artists, clowns and Swiss peasants. Mini- trucks spin around carrying men in top hats, a beauty queen, a mother and child and, there, in one of those Shriners' parade cars, is the Pope with two nuns, waving and giving his blessing to the grand ecumenical party in which devils are the protagonists.

Gotthard tunnel opening

Only one outdated figure does not fit into the New World Order. It is the old yodeler who, amid the joyous hullabaloo, sets up a stool to eat a lunch in a paper bag. But his peace is soon disturbed by a bulldozer truck that comes up from behind to move him aside. The past and present are definitively removed.

Gotthard tunnel opening

A peasant girl in a white traditional dress with red embroidery climbs atop a large pole and a huge papier-mâché head is dropped on her shoulders. A red mantle falls beneath her, and we have a new symbol for a new Switzerland open to the European Union and Universal Republic. It is an invitation for Switzerland to relinquish its natural hostility to these Masonic institutions and enter the game.

The grand waltz begins. Devils dancing with peasants, clowns with workers, trapeze artists with pagans, all mixing joyously. All the artists – purportedly 600 of them – climb onto waiting rail carts to take the train from the tunnel, this giant symbol of humanity, into the outside world. Only one player in this grand performance must walk, our outdated yodeler, who is forced to push one of the carts that carries the others.

Gotthard tunnel opening

Outdoors more persons in black with pagan headdresses are waiting.

Gotthard tunnel opening

To the applauding crowds outdoors, this new Switzerland raises her hand, as if to give a clenched-fist salute of adherence to a new world ruled by Satan.

Gotthard tunnel opening

An ecumenical blessing

Following the general tone of unification, the Gotthard 2016 Organization Committee invited a medley of ”religious leaders” to bless the tunnel. From right to left, Benedictine abbot Martin Werlen of Einsiedeln Abbey in Switzerland, Pieter Zeilstra the Head of the Safety Division of the Federal Office of Transport, rabbi Marcel Yair Ebel of the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities, Imam Bekim Alimi of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Switzerland and Protestant minister Somina Rauch.

Gotthard tunnel opening blessing

 Photos taken from the RT footage of the event.

Watch  footage of the indoor ceremony here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 20, 2015

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