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The ‘Orthodox’ Masquerade - II

‘Patriarch’ Kirill, an Agent of KGB

Lucas Janusckiewicz Coletta

Inside information from a former head of the Romanian Intelligence Service

In 1978, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa deserted from the Romanian Intelligence Service and sought asylum in the United States. In his numerous articles and books he denounced the so-called disinformation (dezinformatsiya), an expression created by the Russians at the time of Stalin to designate the communist method of disseminating lies in the West through intellectual non-governmental organizations and media. The purpose of this initiative was to fool Western public opinion and the governing classes and favor the victory of Communism in the world.

Pacepa’s book Disinformation gives remarkable data about how the Kremlin, since the time of Stalin, manipulated religions. Today, we see the Russian government using the so-called Russian Orthodox Church following the same plan.

As a matter of fact “Patriarch” Kirill, the present day head of the Russian Schismatic Church, went to Cuba in February 2016 to meet Pope Francis and make a Joint Declaration, the first time leaders of the Catholic Church and Moscow patriarchate met. While on communist soil, the two issued a lengthy statement that censures the Ukrainian Catholics and favors the Russian aggression against that country.

To counter the impression of a Russia that converted, like many progressivists spread, it seems opportune to release some data offered in the book Disinformation, facts that the media studiously do not report. Some quotations presented below reveal the blatant manipulation of the “Orthodox Church” carried out by the Russian government. Thus, it becomes difficult to avoid affirming that the meeting in Cuba should be understood as following the same ground rules.

 Nikodin at the WCC

Metropolitan Nikodin at a WCC meeting; in 1972 he was elected its president

About the prelates of the “Orthodox Church” placed at the service of Communism, Pacepa states:

“The Mitrokhin Archive, a voluminous collection of Soviet foreign intelligence documents smuggled out of the Soviet Union in 1992, provides the identities and Soviet intelligence code-names of many Russian orthodox priests dispatched over the years to the World Council of Churches for the specific purpose of influencing the politics and decisions of that organization. In fact, in 1972 Soviet intelligence managed to have Metropolitan Nikodin (its agent Adamant) elected WCC president.

“A 1989 KGB document boasts: ‘Now the agenda of the WCC is also our agenda.’ More recently, Metropolitan Kirill (agent Mikhaylov), who had been an influential representative to the World Council of Churches since 1971 and after 1975 a member of the WCC Central Committee, was in 2009 elected patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.” (Desinformation, Portuguese ed., Vide Editorial, 2015, p. 31; English ed., WND Books, 2013, p. 3)

Pacepa, the ex-head of Romanian Intelligence, reports how the “Orthodox Church” forcefully incorporated the Catholic Ukrainian Church:

Archbishop Slipy

Arch. Slipyj spent 18 years in a Soviet prison thanks to the betrayal of 'patriarch' Alexis

“On April 11, 1945, the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops were arrested, including Archbishop Josyf Slipyj. From 1920 to 1922, Slipyj had studied at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome and the Pontifical Gregorian University. In 1939, with the blessing of Pope Pius XII, Slipyj was consecrated Archbishop of Lvov. He became the head of the UGCC (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church) in1944. Then, along with the other Bishops, he was accused of collaboration with the Nazis and sentenced to forced labor in the Siberian Gulag.

“In response, Pius XII issued his Encyclical Orientales Omnes of December 23, 1945. In it the Pope not only condemned Communism; he openly and specifically attacked Moscow Patriarch Alexis.

"The situation got worse March 8-10, 1946, when Soviet authorities forcibly convened an assembly of 216 priests and the so-called Synod of Lvov was held, at which the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church was forcibly ‘reunited’ to the Russian Orthodox Church and forced to revoke its union with Rome. The UGCC first became a ‘Church of Silence,’ then a ‘Church of Martyrs,’ as many Ukrainian Catholics who were imprisoned by the communists were tortured and/or murdered.” (Ibid., English ed., p. 91)

Pacepa confirms that “patriarch” Alexis was also a KGB agent: “On December 5, 2008, Alexis II, the 15th Patriarch of Moscow of All Russia and the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, died. He had worked for the KGB under the code-name of Drozdov and was awarded the KGB Certificate of Honor, as was revealed in a KGB archive accidentally left behind in Estonia when the Russians pulled out of it. For the first time in history, Russia had the opportunity to conduct the democratic election of a new patriarch, but that was not to be.


Kirill, today taking orders from Putin

“On January 27, 2009, the 700 Synod delegates assembled in Moscow were presented with a slate listing three candidates: Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk (a secret member of the KGB code-named Mikhylov), Metropolitan Filaret of Minsk (who worked for the KGB under the code-name Ostrovsky), and Metropolitan Kliment of Kaluga (who had the KGB code-name Topaz).

“When the bells at Christ the Savior Cathedral tolled to announce that a new patriarch had been elected, Kirill/Mikhaylov proved to be the winner. Regardless of whether he was the best leader for his church he certainly was in a better position to influence the religious world abroad than were the other candidates.

"In 1971, the KGB had sent Kirill to Geneva as the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church to that Soviet propaganda machine that was the World Council of Churches. In 1975, the KGB infiltrated Kirill into the Central Committee of the WCC, which had become a Kremlin pawn. In 1989, the KGB appointed him chairman of the Russian patriarchate’s foreign relations as well. He still held those positions when he was elected patriarch.

“In his acceptance speech as the new patriarch, Mikhaylov announced that he planned to take a trip to the Vatican in a near future. He also spoke about his intention to establish religious television channels in Russia that would broadcast to audiences abroad.

Kirill meets Benedict

Kirill meeting with Popes to promote Communism

Kirill meets Francis
“In Russia the more things change, the more they seem to remain the same. The science of disinformation has proven to be such a wonder weapon that the Russians remain addicted to it.” (Ibid. pp 366-367, English ed., p. 291)

In his important report, Pacepa gives this estimate: “Recently released KGB documents show that one half of all the Soviet Union’s clergy were agents or undercover KGB employees until at least the end of the Gorbachev era.” (Ibid., p. 468, n. 5; English ed., p. 372, f. 5)

What should we conclude from this impressive information revealed by Ion Pacepa? As head of the Romanian Secret Service, he was in conditions to know these facts and to disclose them as he did. This information fits perfectly with all that we know about the actions of the so-called Russian Orthodox Church since Stalin, going back only to him.

Everything the Russian Schismatic Church did favored Communism, nothing it did opposed Communism. Now, an insider comes to confirm this picture with very credible data. He goes so far as to reveal with precise dates, names and code-names that the main prelates of this church were/are actually secret agents of the KGB.

Should we still continue to doubt, we are certainly more than fools. We become accomplices of Communism.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 26, 2018

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