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Gucci’s New Campaign Promotes the Demonic

Elaine Jordan
gucci aria campaign

What monster is this posing as beauty for the 21st century fashion world?

A woman who seems to be in a drugged trance poses wearing a long hanging nose earring that half covers her inflated lips. At the end of her lizard-like mailed hands and fingers are the super-elongated talons of a bird of prey. Her rough bird barbules wore as a fur completes the picture of a half woman/half beast whose purpose seems to be to seduce viewers to a gothic/demonic world of drugs and orgies.

A friend handed me this double spread page ad, above, that was in the prestigious Point de Vue magazine (November 10-16, 2021 issue), which aims to influence the what is left of the world of royals and nobility and those who admire them. It has a large worldwide distribution and influence, especially among the higher class who read French and follow it to know the latest trends in fashion and culture.

This magazine was created in 1945 by members of the French Resistance to encourage royalists and a waning nobility. After several changes of hands, today it is part of luxury industry holding house Artemis, owned by billionaire François Pinault.

Instead of following its old pattern of promoting good taste and refinement, for the last several decades Point de Vue has been promoting some of the most revolutionary trends and style. Further its pages teem with features on homosexuals and lesbians, along with "porno-chic" advertisements. From there, it was just a few steps to the invitation to the occult world of Satanism we find in this Gucci ad.

The Gucci Aria Campaign

Gucci aria models

Above, models for the Gucci campaign portray revolted souls turned to the occult;
below, lesbianism is strongly promoted

gucci 4
In its 2021 Gucci Aria Campaign, this Italian luxury fashion house moves far beyond promoting its handbags, clothing, footwear, accessories and fragrances collection. Its own propaganda boasts that it is no longer about fashion first and foremost, but rather all about "the revolutionary and joyful impetus of eros."

This is an eros of which Freud would be proud, an eros that transcends identity, gender, orientation, preferences etc. The four stars from the Italian rock band Måneskin, at right, were recruited as models for the Gucci campaign. In the photos they all have the same vacant sexless gaze, one would even say the eyes of one who is possessed.

The Aria Campaign portrays as an ideal a life has no more meaning. There is no purpose to attract the opposite sex for romance and marriage. The Gucci bags, clothing, accessories give no joy or pleasure. They are there as props in a meaningless nihilist world.

“Our erotic relationship with the world overwhelms everything: artefacts, dreams, clothes,” says Gucci. It is an ideal and relationship that comes from Hell.

If any romance remains, sadly, it is lesbian or homosexual: cold, hard, existing only for the sadistic pleasure it produces. The Aria Campaign clearly portrays a lesbian sadomasochism and every type of aberration imaginable.

Whatever most violates the natural order installed by God in the universe is what the Devil desires. And so, this is what Gucci is delivering, no longer just in outright pornographic magazines but also on the once elegant and cultured pages of Point de Vue.

The Satanic Revolution is here

The final step of the Revolution, Dr. Plinio Correa de Oliveira correctly predicted a half century ago, would be to throw the world into the acceptance of the horrendous and chaotic, which would have a type of mystical element in the line of union with the Devil.

With the Gucci Aria Campaign, we can see we have clearly are in this phase: the Satanic Revolution, a Revolution where man embraces the horrendous and becomes co-natural with everything debased, unnatural and disgusting in the world, where the Devil seems to arrogantly assume the title of Master of the World.

gucci aria

Another sample from the 2021 Gucci Aria Campaign; suggesting sado-masochism

It is interesting to see that in the various photo-ads of the Campaign, some of the models are reading works. Not random books, but essays and works chosen very carefully to reflect a distorted philosophy that replaces the rule of reason with the dictatorship of the sensibilities. The reading material includes Freud's Three contributions to the Theory of Sex, Jean-Luc Nancy's Sexistence, Judith Butler's Bodies that Matter and others.

These books redefine the sexual desire as the center of man's being. In them, male and female as God created us no longer exists. Intelligence no longer guides the will; the will no longer governs the sensibilities, as Aristotle and then St. Thomas Aquinas taught us to do. The rational thinking of Christian Civilization is replaced by irrational philosophies that propose that man embrace an "ontology of sex-existence," that is, to disregard reason and spontaneously follow the sensibilities. This is to reduce man to the level of animal.

This radical transformation has seemed to take place in a few generations with man only vaguely perceiving it. Imagine if the cultured and rational man in the 1940s or 1950s had picked up this Point de Vue and seen the Gucci Aria ad in it. He would have thought the world had gone mad or that he had entered the Twilight Zone.

Clearly, this renouncement of human reason is not possible without the action of Satan over the human soul.

This same Revolution is simultaneously in the temporal and spiritual spheres. Everyone knows that the present Pope makes a point of praising everything and everyone that is rejected, miserable and disgusting. It can certainly appear there is no respite for the still-thinking man of the 21st century.


‘People who serve God should not follow fashions’

I am reminded at this point of the words of Our Lady of Fatima to little Jacinta when she was suffering alone in the Hospital of Lisbon: "Fashions that offend Our Lord will appear. People who serve God should not follow fashions. The Church has no fashions. Our Lord is always the same."

For the past century men and women have been blindly following the fashions dictated by the corrupt fashion houses of Paris, London and New York. Mini-skirts, tank tops, leggings – regardless of how immodest or irreverent – are unthinkingly adopted by ladies and girls because they are "in style." Sadly men have followed suit, especially in the last decades, taking up casual and even ridiculous dress in order to fit into the modern world around them.

The Gucci Aria campaign clearly demonstrates that the final end the revolutionary fashion world, plainly controlled by the Secret Forces, is leading men and women: It is moving mankind to the reign of Satan.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted on December 27, 2021

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