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catholicThe Black Legend of the Inquisition Put to Rest
Movie review of Timewatch - The Spanish Inquisition, BBC special

catholicEvil at the Movies
Movie review of Bless the Child and Ouija

catholicDetrimental Upshots of Noah
False messages carved into memories

catholicNoah’s Theosophic Underpinnings – Part 1
An upside-down account of Creation favoring the Green Revolution

catholicNoah - The Rest of the Story – Part 2
A completely unbiblical account of the Flood & God's alliance with man

catholic How Hollywood Prepared for the ‘60s
Inserting subversive messages in the films of the '50s

catholicA Jolting End to Amour
A film supporting euthanasia is praised & promoted by the media

catholicThe Exorcist Movie & Novel: Not Recommended
Horror and exaggerations with only one point in its favor

catholicBrave: Feminist & Progressivist
A premiere showing & high praise at the Rimini Meeting

catholic Vatican Radio Applauds Bold Lesbian Film
Blue Is The Warmest Color wins award at the Cannes festival

catholicBrave: Feminist & Progressivist
A premiere showing & high praise at the Rimini Meeting

catholicThe Strange Message in the 2012 Olympics Opening
Marxist history joins with tribalist customs to announce a new era

catholicA Historic Lesson: The Danger of the Compromise
Movie Review of For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada

catholicJosé Sánchez del Rio, Martyr for Christ the King
Movie review of For Greater Glory

catholicHow Did We Reach This Point?
Review of the TV series Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi, 90210 and Glee

catholicHollywood’s Disinformation on Freemasonry
Movie review of National Treasure

catholicA Systematic Campaign against Catholic Spain
Movie review of Goya's Ghost

catholicAn Occult Spain Reborn from Paganism
Movie review of Pan's Labyrinth

catholicBella: An Incomplete Catholic Message
Movie review of Bella

catholicDon’t Watch this Protestant Nativity
Movie review of The Nativity Story

catholicMarie Antoinette - Her Myth and an Attempt To Destroy It
Movie review of Marie Antoinette

catholicThe Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolution
Review of The Matrix trilogy

catholicThe Passion of the Christ - A Wasted Oppportunity?
Movie revue on The Passion of Christ

catholicAnother False Portrayal of the South American Masses...
Movie review on Evita

catholicThe Hours: A Moral Abyss
Movie review of The Hours

catholicA Chocolat Laced with Poison
Movie review of Chocolat

catholicThe Messenger: A Distorted View of St. Joan of Arc
Movie review of The Messenger

catholicNourishing an Appetite for the Marvelous
With a word on the vulgar animated movie Shrek

Hollywood & Pop Stars

catholic Satanic Presence at the 2015 Grammy Awards
The world rocks out its highway to Hell

catholicAmerica’s Enemies in Hollywood Then and Now - Part 1
Communist fellow travelers have long influenced the film industry

catholic America’s Enemies in Hollywood Then and Now - Part 2
Hollywood’s love for Cuban Communism & Islamism

catholicL’Osservatore Romano: Two Thumbs Up to Harry Potter
Vatican newspaper implicitly approves black magic

catholicSchwarzenegger Flexing Muscles for Moscow
U.S. authorities give Medvedev the best of our electronic technology

catholicHarry Potter Film Praised by Vatican Newspaper
A 4-star rating for a film that makes casting spells look fun

catholicThe Vatican Approves John Lennon: An Ill-timed Act
Vatican paper commemorates the Beatles' White Album

catholicThe Vatican’s Incomprehensible Praise of Michael Jackson
The new 'sign of the time' of approving rock music and its extravagant stars

catholicThe Vatican Recommends Michael Jackson
L'Osservatore Romano chooses a Top Ten list of rock albums

catholicThe High Moral Damage of Rock Music
On Michael Jackson's bad influence on youth

catholicHomosexual Marriage and Democracy
Arnold Schwarzenegger scorning the decision of the people of California

catholicLennon - Prophet of the Devil
How the Beatles shaped the habits and thinking of our times

catholicJohn Lennon’s Pact with Satan
Compelling evidence about how he rose to fame and died

catholicMore Data on the Satanism of John Lennon
A reader concur with information on Lennon's relation with the occult

catholicHarry Potter and the Fight between Good and Evil
Books and movies to make children accept magic and Satanism

catholicThe Debasement of Knighthood
Mick Jagger dubbed knight by the Queen of England

catholicHepburn and Mephistopheles
Why is Katharine Hepburn being praised as a role model for women?

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