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Whipped Cream Orgy

Whipped Cream orgy in Vienna
Among the progressivist initiatives to attract youth in the Archdiocese of Vienna was a "whipped cream orgy," which took place there last year. It was a party inspired by the clergy where Catholic youth were invited to do whatever they wanted with whipped cream.

The name "orgy" is quite inconvenient, as anyone can figure out. In fact, the party presented opportunities for scenes like the one above, where a girl in her late teens on her knees leans her head back to receive a squirt of whipped cream in her open mouth. Such positions are suggestive of obscenities, and can well lead the youth to practice them.

Both the name of the party and the acts that took place in Vienna enjoyed the blessings of its Cardinal, Christoph von Schonborn, favored disciple of Benedict XVI.

Posted June 1, 2008

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