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catholic Miserere Mei Deus
On Maudy Thursday the people cry out God for mercy

catholic Vexilla Regis Prodeunt
The royal standard advances proclaiming the mystery of the Cross

catholic Popule Meus
Christ reproaches the Jews: 'O my people, what have I done to thee?'

catholic Sepulto Domino
The Lord is buried and the tomb is sealed

catholic Aestimatus Sum
Christ laments His abandonment & death after shedding all His Blood

catholic Astiterunt Reges
The kings of the earth rise up against Our Lord

catholicEcce Quomodo Moritur
Behold how the Just One dies before an indifferent world

catholic Recessit Pastor Noster
Christ our Shepherd has died and shattered the tyranny of the Devil

catholic Caligaverunt Oculi Mei
Christ, forsaken by all, laments His abandonment

catholic Jesum Tradidit Impius
Judas delivers Christ to the chief priests & Peter follows at a distance

catholicTradiderunt Me
Christ laments His delivery into the hands of evildoers

catholicAnimam Meam Dilectam
Our Lord mourns His abandonment as the Passion reaches its apex

catholicTenebrae Factae Sunt
Our Lord delivers up His spirit and wins our redemption

catholicSeniores Populi
The Jewish Pontiffs and Pharisees plot to apprehend and kill Our Lord

catholicEram quasi Agnus
Our Lord warns us about the conspiracy of the wicked against Him

catholicUnus ex Discipulis
Our Lord mourns that Judas will betray Him in this responsorio

catholicStabat Mater Dolorosa
A hymn honoring the suffering of Our Lady during the Passion

catholicAmicus Meus
A Maundy Thursday responsory by Tomás Luis de Victoria

catholicJudas Mercator Pessimus
A Maundy Thursday responsory by Tomás Luis de Victoria

catholicUna Hora Non Potuistis Vigilare Mecum
A Maundy Thursday responsory by Tomás Luis de Victoria

catholicTamquam ad Latronem
A Good Friday responsory by Tomás Luis de Victoria

catholicO Vos Omnes
A Holy Saturday responsory by Tomás Luis de Victoria

catholicThe Lamentations of Jeremiah
Listen to and learn this beautiful chant of Holy Week liturgy

catholicSee Malachi, God’s Ancient Seer
Hymn for the Presentation of Our Lord and Purification of Mary, February 2

The most simple and well known Credo in Latin

catholicAve Maria
Simple Gregorian plainchant of the Hail Mary in Latin

catholicSalve Regina
Learn to sing this traditional Catholic hymn

catholic Patapan, Patapan
A French village carol celebrating the Birth of Christ

catholic Il Est Ne, Le Divin Enfant
A popular French carol expresses the joy of receiving the Savior

catholic Es Ist ein Ros Enstprungen
A German carol celebrating Mary and Jesus as flowers of Jesse's lineage

catholic Gaudete Christus Est Natus
A 16th century Finnish carol honoring Our Lord and Our Lady

catholic Angelus ad Virginem
A 14th century carol honoring Christ's conception & birth

catholic In Dulce Jubilo
An angelic Latin and German Christmas carol

catholicStill, Still, Still
A traditional Austrian lullaby attributed to Our Lady

catholicVeni, Veni Emmanuel
An Advent antiphon to be sung in preparation for Christmas

catholicThe Holly and the Ivy
An old English Christmas Carol

catholicO Tannebaum, O Tannebaum
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree - A German Christmas Carol

catholicMaria Walks amid the Thorns
A medieval German Christmas Carol

catholicDadme Albricias, Hijos d’Eva
Sons of Eve, Bring Me Glad Tidings - A Spanish Christmas Carol

catholicRiu, Riu, Chiu
A Spanish Christmas Carol in honor of Our Lady

catholicHush Little Babe – Carol of the Princeling
A new Christmas song by Fr. Somerville

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