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Protestant and Schismatic sects venerated in a Catholic Church

One of the stained glass windows at left in St. Ambrose Catholic Church in Buffalo, NY, offers for the veneration of its faithful symbols and figures of Protestants and Schismatics.

In the center of the window is Jesus Christ. Below Our Lord is an evangelical Protestant with his arms upraised and a Bible in one hand. Underneath the Protestant preacher stand two figures with their arms raised and joined - on the right a Schismatic, on the left a Catholic priest. The three figures form a kind of trinity, implying that all three would show efficient roads to come to Christ.

The persons holding hands around Christ represent the various Protestant sects in Buffalo.

The symbols offered for the veneration of Catholics also represent Protestant sects. At the bottom center (red circle) is nothing less than the symbol of Martin Luther, the rose seal. Continuing counterclockwise are the symbols of the United Methodists (blue box); the so-called Church of Christ (yellow box). Halfway up is the symbol of the Presbyterians (green circle); in the left upper corner, the symbol of the Baptists (orange circle); to its right, the shield of the Episcopalians (purple circle).

This stained glass window clearly affirms the error that the false religions lead to eternal salvation.

Doing this, it denies the divine foundation of the Holy Catholic Church, established as the sole intermediary institution between God and man and the exclusive heir to the treasures of Revelation.

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Our Lady of La Salette,
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