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Aren't Abortions a Greater Chastisement
than Tsunamis?

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Mr. Guimaraes,

You note in your article More Tsunamis and Eathquakes that there are 20 million people dying from AIDS and 38 million who are infected. However, how many unborn worldwide have been killed through abortion? There are many more millions alone in Russia in addition to the 1.5 million in the US each year.

How many more are killed through the human pesticide, the birth control pill? A number of a magnitude greater than the abortion figure? Does anyone know the true number? This alone is a chastisement greater than Aids or tsunamis.

These dead unborn are not baptized, making it a worse tragedy. Hundreds of millions of unborn dead babies would constitute entire nations being annihilated. Just my thoughts.

     Yours in Christ,


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Guimarães responds:

Mr. J.K.,

I hope I have correctly understood your point. It seems that you do not deny that the pandemic of AIDS is a chastisement, as well as the almost instantaneous deaths of hundreds of thousands in the Tsunami last December. You are just stating that the killing of millions of pre-born children should also be added to the list of atrocities. If this was your intention, I thank you for that addition.

However, there is a considerable difference in the two types of deaths. The ones I pointed out were inflicted against man’s will, by an external agent, which I state is God. In the case of abortions, the killings are a result of the express will of the children’s mothers. Therefore, the agents are women assisted by physicians, not an uncontrolled virus or unexpected forces of nature. In this regard, the crime of abortion seems to be more precisely qualified as a crime that calls to heaven for vengeance rather than a direct chastisement by God.

Regarding your other observations that deaths by contraceptive pills could be considered as a chastisement, I did not figure out how this could be.


     A.S. Guimarães
Posted December 20, 2005

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