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What is the End Result of
Today’s Ecumenism?

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To whom it may concern,

Reading your website and seeing pictures of our Holy Father giving Communion to a Protestant [click here] concerns me. Can someone there tell me where all of this ecumenism is going? What is the grand strategy or overall plan that the Vatican (Pope) has for all this ecumenism?

It seems like to me that from JPII to the current Pope, there is an acceleration taking place. Where is this going to go? Why is this occurring? What is the end result of where the church is going to be down the "road"?

Any speculation? Any writings from current writers that not only report what is occurring but take a position as to where it will all end up?



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TIA responds:

Mr. P.P.,

Yes, there is a whole progressivist agenda that most probably is behind ecumenism as it has being carried out since Vatican II.

The facts that characterize such an agenda and the future perspective of this initiative are sufficiently reported in the book Animus Delendi II [Desire to Destroy II] by Atila Guimarães, available on this website.


     TIA correspondence desk
Posted December 14, 2005

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