December 1, 2017

Holy Cow! and Advent Wreaths

A new monstrosity almost beyond the imagination in this week's Revolution in Pictures.       Can you believe a crucified cow floating above a sea of milk in a Belgian Catholic Church?                       See for yourself here.

Our Featured Articles:

Is the Advent wreath Catholic? We responded to this question in our article What is the Origin of the Advent Wreath? We think you will be surprised to learn the history of this custom.

In his Bird's Eye View of the News, Atila Guimarães analyzes the scandalous Preparatory Document released for Francis' Synod for Youth to be held in 2018. As you will see, the youth themselves  are apathetic about their coming Synod, despite every effort to solicit their input and meet the 'demands' of their modern lifestyles.

A whole generation knows next to nothing about Communism's persecutions during the Cold War. So, we published Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira's commentary on its barbarism. One of the best known Church heroes of these times was Card. Jozsef Mindzenty, who was tortured and imprisoned by the Russian Reds, only to be betrayed by Paul VI after he was freed.

Finally, here is our best-selling booklet

 The Letter from Beyond

A message addressed to a friend from a soul condemned to Hell.  For everyone - young and old 

A story that proves the existence of Hell! A great stocking-stuffer!  40 pp.

Only $6 each or 10 for $45 

One of our most popular website features is the section titled Saint of the Day with timely  commentaries by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira.

November 30, St. Andrew the Apostle

December 1, St. Eligius (Eloi or Eloy)

December 3, St. Francis Xavier

December 4, St. Peter Chrysologus

 December 4, St. Anno of Cologne



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