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Special Report

(English Translation)

In the name of Allah the compassionate the kind

(The Eagle/Iraqi slogan)
Top secret, personal & urgent

Republic of Iraq
The bureau of presidency
The secretary

Issue # 425/ K
Date: Jan.18th.1993
Rajab 25th.1413 Hijri

Esquire Comrade Ali Al-Reeh Al-Sheikh/ a member of
The Arabian Bureau-Ba’ath party leadership.

Subject: instruction

In a continuity with our former book#7184/K on Dec.20th.1992, its decided that the party should move to hunt the Americans who are on Arabian land, especially in Somalia, by using Arabian elements, or Asian (Muslims) or friends.

Take the necessary steps
Stay well for struggle

Signature of the president’s secretary

Copy to:
The General Director of the intelligence system/
The same purpose mentioned above that concerned your duties

(Not clear writing) The two gentlemen; the deputy and … M4 to study the ways to executive the instructions
Inform me in person ASAP

Another (different) not clear signature


(Original copy in arabic)





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